True Being Holistic Services

True Being Holistic Services
Nancy Valdes, Certified Colon Hygienist/Colonics/Colon Therapy
31 E. 32nd Street, Suite 504
New York, New York 10016
United States
Colon Therapy, Crystal Therapy, Naturopathy, Nutrition

Providing quality holistic health care since 1988

I provide personalized care for each client, creating a sacred space for healing. Also offering Denas pain relief therapy and Biomat pain relief therapy.


Nacim is an amazing professional! I have been to her clinic once, and I cannot wait to go back! She is very friendly and patient. The best part, is that she is an example of her own work, she believes and loves what she does. She wants to help, and she can help! Her clinic is super cute and it has a very positive energy!!! Do not hesitate to go! She will definitely help you, just like she helped me!

Marcela Duarte Corbellini


OK, I went to True Being yesterday for a session, wait before I get into that, I’ll say that I’ve known Nancy Nacim Valdes for 30 yrs and have known what she does professionally for quite some time, and how she was really into health and healing. But I will say this, I have never been treated with such a warm and loving touch. My respect and love has gone from 100% to 200% Nacim you are a truly talented and beautiful soul… I feel so much better and can’t wait for next week to continue..

Peace and Love, Ron DeFrancesco


For more than 42 years, I, Hasan Bakr, Musician, have not smoked, drank or taken stimulants for my happiness. I feel a healthy body is one’s own source of joy. I am extremely involved in living a healthy lifestyle.

In my opinion, there is no other place to go for the application of colonic therapy than “True Being”. The business owner and head practitioner, Nancy Nacim Valdes is one of the the most sensitive, supportive and knowledgeable persons in this field, you will ever meet. You need this in your life. Give your body some love. Let go of what you don’t need, it may be robbing you of abundant health.