Vedic Astrology Horoscopes / Birth Charts

Vedic Astrology Horoscopes / Birth Charts
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Through Vedic Astrology, Dr.Theja will empower you to take informed decisions to step forward positively without worrying about the future. He will reveal the natural strengths, positive attributes and talents gifted to you at birth, as well as challenges you may face and how to prepare for them. Dr.Theja is also a visiting Astrologer in Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, USA, Sri Lanka and Malaysia.

Vedic/Indian Astrology will help you to understand and also to know when you will face any challenges in your life related to relationships, family, career, finance, property, business and health etc.  It will help you to understand how to use your strengths to prepare for challenges you may face, and to step forward spiritually to lead a happy and contented life.

An in-depth analysis of your birth chart will help you to understand how the planets are faring in your horoscope. During the last 40 years, Dr.Theja has given over 10,000 personalized Astrology readings globally. Dr.Theja is based in Perth, Western Australia.



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