Vitae Pondera College of Natural Medicine

Vitae Pondera College of Natural Medicine (VPCNM) is a privately-funded college that promotes superior educational standards through the blending of theoretical philosophies of holistic health and evidence-based research of natural medicine and nutritional protocols. Our mission is to provide a learning experience for each student that instills respect, accountability, integrity and academic excellence, within a supportive and challenging learning environment that allows creativity, innovation, compassion, and expanded problem-solving skills. Students are encouraged to be highly interactive, inquiring, and self-empowered participants in their learning process. They are advised to optimize all academic, technological, community, and spiritual resources available within their own community, for the purpose of professional excellence in natural, non-invasive health support and preventative health care.

Self-paced, on-line learning is available within a customized, hybrid program which provides on-site classes and lectures, clinical study and professional internship opportunities.