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Key Secrets to Start and Grow Your Successful Spiritual Business

Receive real, practical guidance for starting or reenergizing a spiritually based business in a full-day workshop from psychic and entrepreneur Cindy Griffith MA, a mentor who has successfully created and managed her own business as an author, teacher, and intuitive reader. This is real-world guidance you can apply right away to transform a dream, passion, or hobby into extra income or a potential new life path—and help bring positive change to the world! Don’t miss this new, unique program that will motivate you to turn ideas into action!

Interested in attending the full conference? Register for Do What You Love, Love What You Do, May 17-19, 2019.


Do What You Love, Love What You Do: Embracing Your True Calling

You can be as HAPPY and SUCCESSFUL as you make up your mind to be!

Best-selling author and motivational speaker Pam Grout, psychic and entrepreneurCindy Griffith MA, mission-in-life teacher Mark Thurston PhD, Cayce teacher Cheryl Baer-Bernath, CHt, and Atlantic University instructor Rachel Vincintore, MS, give you the skills, tools, and motivation you need to embrace your calling and act on your dreams. Whether you are looking to change your life’s course or improve or expand your current livelihood, or you just want a spiritual “kick in the pants,” this is the program for you! 

You’ll explore how our world is a field of infinite possibilities that you can draw from to attract and create the things you desire—be it work, relationships, or health, and learn to consciously work with this energy. Your thoughts and beliefs provide the scaffolding that leads you to a Universe that is limitless, abundant, and accommodating.

This experiential weekend will help you build on that understanding to:

  • Use synchronicity and coincidence for guidance and insight
  • Let go of limiting beliefs and doubts and embrace your mission and calling 
  • Recognize how past-life experiences can influence today’s opportunities
  • Follow your dreams and passions with confidence

AND you will receive real, practical guidance for starting or reenergizing a spiritually based business in a full-day workshop from a mentor who has successfully created and managed her own business as an author, teacher, and intuitive reader. This is real-world guidance you can apply right away to transform a dream, passion, or hobby into extra income or a potential new life path—and help bring positive change to the world!

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Edgar Cayce’s Story of Our Souls with John Van Auken in St. Petersburg

The Bigger Picture of Life & Destiny

Here’s your life story from a very different perspective! 

In the metaphysical soap opera that is the journey of our souls, we traverse through many lifetimes and voyages in this world and in realms beyond. We have connections, attractions, and interactions that are relationships in spirit, in past lives, and in our current incarnation.

In death, there is no “rest in peace,” because our souls are very busy beyond this worldin the space between physical incarnations. For us on this Earth, sleep is a shadow of death each night as our souls travel beyond the limiting realm of the physical. Using captivating visuals and thought-provoking information, John takes you on a trek through a universe of influences and experiences—both within our hearts and minds and throughout infinity. We are so much more than we realize, and our potential is truly unlimited!

This fascinating seminar will explore Edgar Cayce’s wisdom and other perspectives on:

  • ancient legends and myths as tools for deeper understanding
  • modern psychological insights into the nature of consciousness
  • the fascinating story of the journey of our souls from before Earth and beyond
  • how our soul is housed within our bodies today and its influence upon us
  • the metaphysical school that is our life between lives
  • our continual interconnection with our soul group
  • our purpose for existence and how we can awaken our soul and its expansive mind
  • our spiritual destiny as Children of God

“…it is not all of life to live, nor all of death to die; for one is the beginning of the other…” 
Edgar Cayce reading 2842-2

A powerful story teller who intersperses deep knowledge with humor and insight, John will give you the whole story of our truly amazing soul life! 

Past attendees say: 
“Illuminating! Fast-paced, useful, and interesting. Humor and wisdom—dynamic combination!” 
“Excellent presentation. Informative and entertaining.” 
“Absolutely amazing and inspiring—a truly life-changing experience!”

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Awakening Your Energy Body: Engaging the Power of Your Soul to Transform Body, Mind, and Spirit with Nancy Pohle Chrisbaum in Denver

Edgar Cayce’s readings suggest that we are all born with the capacity to be co-creators with the Divine Forces. His tenet that “Mind is indeed the builder…what is held in the act of mental vision becomes a reality in the material experience was repeated throughout his readings. This idea is a principle found in many great spiritual traditions–as the Peruvian Shamans would describe it, we each have the power to dream our world into being.

Linking Cayce’s psychic insights with ancient Shamanic practices that bridge the visible and invisible worlds, Nancy will lead you to a fuller understanding of our destiny as “luminous energy beings” who are no longer bound by time or the constraints of linear thinking. Freed from the limits of the physical realm, we can achieve a state where all things are possible, and bring our thoughts into action.

You will work individually and with partners in exercises and be guided on a soul journey to assist you in:

  • Identifying current, past life, or ancestral patterns to be released or transformed to better serve you in this life
  • Sensing and strengthening your “luminous energy field” – what Edgar Cayce might call the “aura” or “energy body”
  • Setting an intention for physical and spiritual healing and renewal
  • Recognizing latent talents and intuitive abilities
  • Discovering your personal Power Animal to assist you on your journey
  • Using the power of co-creation to help bring your life goals into reality
  • Reconnecting with your guides and your higher self for transformative change

“. . . that we see manifested in the material plane is but a shadow of that in the spiritual plane.”  
Edgar Cayce reading 5749-3

This unique, insightful, and life-changing program will offer an introduction to the Peruvian Shamans’ view of the Oneness of all life and the natural approach to intuitive growth and wholeness through Luminous Energy Healing. It will highlight the similarities between the ancient Shamanic traditions and the Edgar Cayce readings, and give you anew view of the nature of reality and the power of the mind as you “dream your world into being!”

Past attendees say of Nancy:
“New and valuable material, with a different perspective. I learned a lot!”
“Presentation was awesome; the exercises were informative; Nancy was wonderful”
“I especially liked the exercises, practical application, and intuitive work.”

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Learn How to Meditate with John Van Auken in the Boston area

Edgar Cayce recommended regular meditation for rejuvenation and revitalization of the physical body and a calming and centering of the mind—it’s a core tenet and tool for soul growth he repeatedly emphasized.

Drawing on years of study and experience, meditation expert John Van Auken carefully and thoughtfully outlines a workshop that will provide you with guided sessions on Eastern and Western methods, along with Edgar Cayce’s uniquely transformative techniques, for achieving a deep, meaningful meditation. And you won’t just hear about these methods—you will practice and experience them!

Whether you are a novice or advanced meditator, you will be guided to a deep state from which you can let go enough to awaken to your individuality, soul, and higher mind, then move into contact with the Infinite Consciousness. Both fundamental and advanced concepts will be presented and then guided practice sessions using proven techniques will follow. The sessions include kundalini meditation and passage-in-consciousness meditation. The passage-in-consciousness method is designed to achieve direct contact with what Cayce calls the “Universal Consciousness,” the infinite mind and spirit of God.

You’ll learn the techniques firsthand in this experiential workshop as you:

  • Achieve deep relaxation, stress reduction, and renewal
  • Elevate your body with healing vibrational energies
  • Feel the pulse of the Divine through sacred chant
  • Activate your inner self to more fully experience the richness of life
  • Gain new techniques for personal and spiritual transformation in your daily life
  • Learn how to meet daily challenges and opportunities with higher vibrations and greater awareness

Regardless of your religious or spiritual background or beliefs, these methods can help you experience God directly. The workshop includes breathing exercises, chanting prayers (spiritual, not religious), and journaling. There will be time for questions and sharing. 

“Ye must learn to meditate—just as ye have learned to walk, to talk.” 
Edgar Cayce reading 281-41

For your comfort, you may want to bring a mat, pillow, light blanket, and a journal or notebook.

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For more information and to register visit:

Life Everlasting: Our Eternal Soul’s Continuous Journey Through the Other Side and Beyond

A.R.E. Annual Reincarnation and Soul Life Conference
Don’t miss this favorite annual event! You will leave with the tools of inner peace and resolution that come from understanding your soul’s journey and what it means for you today.
Our soul makes an incredible journey from birth to death to rebirth and beyond, on our way back to oneness with the Source. We don’t truly die—our soul continues on its journey through God’s open door and makes a transition from this physical life to a non-corporeal soul life.

During this inspiring event, we will explore the soul’s journey in all it facets, and also how for some, this journey is cut short as they return to their bodies with memories of a near-death experience and glimpses of life on the other side. Dr. Pim van Lommel will share the latest scientific research and findings into this soul-affirming phenomenon. You will also hear how Anita Moorjani’s near-death experience transformed her life and led her to profound insights into how these transformational experiences can facilitate lasting personal change, spiritual growth and healing.

Inspiring Messages from Beyond the Veil
Some that have crossed over remain to provide support and guidance to those still on earth, through afterlife communication. You will witness the unending connection with loved ones as mediums John J. Oliver and J. Mariedemonstrate random readings for audience members, and hear the amazing messages of unconditional love shared by departed loved ones and guides. Kevin J. Todeschi, MA, brings Cayce’s insights into angels and guides, and Tarron Estesshares the importance of embracing our eventual passing in an exploration of conscious dying.

You’ll discover how the Akashic Records are “alive” and learn how regression hypnosis can facilitate soul growth and healing, and experience a group past-life regression with Peter Woodbury, MSW. You’ll also look at children’s past-life memories and what the Cayce readings tell us about this phenomenon with Cheryl Baer-Bernath, CHt.

You will also explore:

  • How and why the soul chooses to incarnate
  • What happens to our soul and our consciousness when we die, from a spiritual and scientific viewpoint
  • The process of mediumship and the many ways afterlife communication occurs
  • Becoming comfortable talking about death and identify what matters most before you die
  • The wisdom and comfort we can receive from those who have crossed over
  • How these glimpses of beyond provide us with reason to believe that life is eternal and love is ever-lasting

You will leave with the tools of inner peace and resolution that come from understanding your soul’s journey and what it means for you today as you celebrate the eternal nature of the human soul!

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For more information and to register visit:

After We Die with Echo Bodine in the Detroit Area

An Exploration of Death, Heaven, Ghosts, and the Soul’s Journey Beyond Death

“…it is not all of life to live, nor all of death to die; for one is the birth of the other when viewed from the whole…”

-Edgar Cayce reading 369-3

With her signature wit and fearlessness, beloved psychic and healer Echo Bodine offers answers to life’s biggest questions: Is there a heaven? Are there people who have been there and come back? Do we have souls? Can we communicate with deceased loved ones?

Based on Echo’s personal experience of observing the souls of people nearing death and communicating with souls who have died, this program shines light on the dying process, the journey of the soul, the after-life, and the spirits of those who have yet to fully cross over—otherwise known as ghosts. Her clear and  fascinating stories demystify this universal experience and demonstrate that death is nothing to fear.

You’ll learn about:

  • The “pre-life” of the soul and how we plan our life experiences
  • The soul’s perspective of life and why we choose the experiences we choose
  • The stages the body goes through preceding death
  • The white light and the tunnel that leads to the other side
  • The nature of heaven
  • How to support a loved one who is close to death
  • Ways for cultivating clear communication with the deceased
  • Healing from grief and letting go
  • Ghosts—what they are and how to remove them

Echo also shares her story of how she became a ghost buster along with the stories of ghosts, hauntings, and possessions she encountered along the way. She also offers instructions for removing them along with clearing and protection prayers to keep them away, and shares examples that will provide reassurance to anyone who has ever wondered about “things that go bump in the night.”

Past attendees say of Echo’s other programs:
“Echo is so warm and funny. I felt like I knew her forever.”
“This was my first event and I was a guest. It was fantastic. I loved her stories, approachability, and easy-going nature. She made it fun and accessible.”
“I especially liked the exercises, Echo’s stories of her psychic development, and her own experience.”

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For more information and to register visit:

Angel Communication Workshop with Kim O’Neill in the Fairfax, VA area

How to Talk With Your Angels

In this intensive one‐day event, Kim will share what she has learned as a professional channel and psychic with more than 30 years of experience conducting private sessions and workshops across the globe. You’ll build a more tangible relationship with your angels and develop greater confidence in your ability to hear them. Be prepared to make this one of the most productive days you’ve ever had! Kim will discuss lots of fascinating theory, you’ll journey through enjoyable practice exercises, and she’ll reveal true life stories of angelic experiences and interventions that will strengthen your awareness of how angels and other spiritual beings communicate.

This intensive, experiential workshop will explore:

  • The four sources of intuitive information
  • How and why angels communicate with human beings and why your guardian angels are chosen for you
  • The different types of information angels provide
  • The many forms of communication angels use, including touch, smell, sound, dreams, and telepathy
  • The major differences between communicating with angels and receiving messages from departed loved ones
  • How your angels can help you accelerate your spiritual growth
  • Why your angels are the real “secret” to manifesting
  • Differentiating between your internal monologue and communication from your angels
  • Practice exercises that have been created to allow each individual, regardless of channeling experience, to take part in a comfortable, supportive atmosphere

(Q) Do I have a guide, or guides, in the spirit world or plane?

(A) There are ever, for every soul, those that may be termed the guides or guardian angels that stand before the throne of grace and mercy.
Edgar Cayce reading 405-1

Whether you’re a novice or an accomplished channel, this fast‐paced, fun, and insightful hands‐on program was created to enhance your sensitivity to receiving the direct communication from your guardian angels, and help you develop greater faith in your ability to discern what they are trying to convey.

Kim will also demonstrate channeling by conducting random mini-readings for the audience!


“Loved it—nice cross between theory and practice. Kim is refreshing and adorable—held my attention the whole time!”

“Ms. O’Neill was great in all aspects. Totally enjoyed the day. Would welcome her back anytime.”

“Clear, energetic, excellent presentation, and appropriate slides.”

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For more information and to register visit:

Hahnemann College for Heilkunst 2019 Conference in the Bahamas

HCH 2019 Conference: “Unique YOU” Romantic Health Conference

Hope Town, Abaco, Bahamas

April 29, 30 & May 1, 2019

All HCH students, graduates, and patients are invited to express interest. Come join us for a great educational experience and holiday time with like-minded people  of the HCH community. As we become more and more connected online nowadays, to be able to meet and share in person, and to learn together, is a precious gift. Treasures to be found by the sea of Abaco!

Hope Town has everything for you and your family: deep blue skies, crystal-clear turquoise water, charm, history, water sports, sailing, miles of quiet beaches, a quaint historic fishing village in a tropical setting with an iconic hand-cranked kerosene-lit lighthouse and very friendly locals.

If you are interested in coming, let us know as soon as possible. More details to come once we reach the minimum of 20 “interested” responses.

American Holistic Nurses Association 39th Annual Conference

The AHNA Annual Conference is a gathering of approximately 500 holistic nursing professionals from across the country, with growing international attendance from Canada, Japan, China and Jamaica. This annual event is one of the largest and most valuable conferences dedicated to bringing together nurses who share a passion for holistic healing.

The AHNA Annual Conference offers six days of top-notch continuing education workshops, industry-leading keynote speakers, networking with fellow holistic nurses, an exhibit hall filled with vendors offering the latest products and services to complement your daily practice, and time to nurture yourself and your connection to holism in an environment primed with energy and support of fellow healers.