Trust Your Intuition with Cindy Griffith in Houston, TX

June 8, 2019 @ 9:30 am – 4:30 pm
Unity of Houston, in the Pyramid
2929 Unity Drive
TX 77057
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Trust Your Intuition with Cindy Griffith in Houston, TX @ Unity of Houston, in the Pyramid

Trust Your Intuition: Boosting Your Psychic Development with Empathic Tools To Awaken Your Sixth Sense

A Special Soul Growth Saturday Program! Featuring Teacher, Author, and Psychic Cindy Griffith Bennett

This is a Psychic Development Workshop for Empaths and Everyone—Sharing Tools for Nurturing and Expanding Your Innate Intuitive Abilities!

One sign that you are gifted with psychic or intuitive abilities is the sensitivity and awareness of the thoughts, feelings, and emotions of others—a response indicating empathic ability. This special program will help YOU channel that intuitive empathy as a tool for expressing and nurturing your innate psychic self for healing, insight, and guidance.

Linking Cayce’s psychic insights with energy work, protection and grounding, and working with your inner vibration, you will learn new ways to gain access to the wisdom of your Higher Self and use that wisdom to move forward in life with confidence and inner peace.

Whether you consider yourself an empath or highly sensitive person, or just want to find new ways to nurture your own psychic voice, this one-day workshop is the perfect fit for you.

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Learn more and register by calling 800-333-4499 or visit: