Regression Hypnosis Experiential Intensive

March 15, 2019 @ 1:00 pm – March 17, 2019 @ 6:00 pm
Edgar Cayce's Association for Research and Enlightenment
215 67th Street
Virginia Beach
VA 23451
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Regression Hypnosis Experiential Intensive @ Edgar Cayce's Association for Research and Enlightenment
Featuring Expert Trainer and Psychotherapist Peter Woodbury, MSW
This advanced-level course, limited to 10 students, provides intensive individualized training in a group setting. The goal of the course is for students to experience, first hand, the healing and transformative power of regression hypnosis.

Peter, having conducted over 5,000 regressions, will bring his unique experience to the table to facilitate this intensive experiential program, guiding students through the variety of challenging regression hypnosis scenarios and clients.

The course is limited to 10 to create a close knit and intimate environment.  It is structured in a “round robin” format, with each student moving from client to regressionist. All regressions will be conducted in the group. Each student is allotted four direct hours: two hours as a regressionist and two as a client. After each of the 10 regressions, there will be discussion and processing of the experience. Peter will offer his feedback and insights to the regressionist regarding the experiences witnessed. Students will also be introduced to “co-regression,” where Peter will be available to co-regress with any of the student regressionists who would like to experience that modality.

Led by expert trainer and psychotherapist Peter Woodbury, MSW, the small class size will allow for more individualized experience and personal interaction with both the instructor and fellow students. In this safe, supportive environment, the deep healing potential of regression hypnotherapy can be explored and experienced.

Peter will also be available for optional group meals for additional interaction and sharing.

COURSE PREREQUISITE: You must have prior certification in hypnosis and have experienced multiple past life regressions as both client and therapist. Please note: Hearing assist devices and sound amplification are available, but the nature of this class may make it difficult for those who have trouble hearing whispered voices.

Certificate of completion awarded. 

Registration: Friday, March 15 at 1:00 p.m.
Program Ends: Sunday, March 17 at 6:00 p.m.
(End time determined by class size and progress)

Final schedule and additional program details available online 10 weeks before program date; subject to change; check website for updates.

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