Soul Lessons Soul Patterns with Peter Woodbury in North Haven

April 27, 2019 @ 9:30 am – 5:00 pm
Best Western Plus North Haven
201 Washington Avenue
North Haven
CT 06473
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Soul Lessons Soul Patterns with Peter Woodbury in North Haven @ Best Western Plus North Haven

Awakening to Past Lives, Future Lives and Life Between Lives.

Peter Woodbury will guide you on a true journey of the soul. You’ll leave with a greater understanding of your soul purpose and the limitless potential of your incarnation in this lifetime!

Take a true journey of the soul! During this fascinating day of self-exploration and personal enlightenment you will gain firsthand experience in accessing the deeper recesses of your mind and consciousness. The very realm in which you can commune with your soul mind—reaching into all you have been and ever will be—exists within you and can be accessed for greater soul growth and awareness.

You will also experience a special group hypnotic regression with emphasis on reaching the life-between-lives state and contact with your personal guides. You will understand the process of hypnosis, regression, and progression and how it can be used for healing and self-awareness—even if you don’t believe in reincarnation or future lives!

Don’t miss this insightful, life-changing event—exploring your own unique soul self and learning how you can apply spiritual principles in the earth, raising your consciousness in the process.

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