BioSET™ Bioenergetic Sensitivity and Enzyme Therapy is a revolutionary, drug-free and painless technique for desensitizing and eliminating allergies. It uses an electrical device that measures the electromagnetic energy flowing through the client’s meridians that can indicate whether or not they are blocked. Blocked meridians are specifically related to allergies and sensitivities. BioSET focuses on specific organ detoxification, bioenergetic testing, enzyme therapy, and allergy elimination techniques. BioSET treats the digestive system and food allergies, and includes protocols for assessing enzyme and glandular function.

BioSET was developed by Dr. Ellen Cutler, D.C. to naturally resolve chronic health conditions through meridian balancing, enhanced digestion and desensitization of allergens. BioSET uses electro diagnostic muscle testing combined with a computer software program to pinpoint allergies and sensitivities.

BioSET combines enzyme therapy, nutrition therapies, and homeopathics for detoxification and drainage. BioSET also uses allergy desensitization techniques that involve frequencies and energetics to eliminate and reprogram the previous allergies or sensitivities of the individual via the nervous system and meridian system.

BioSET balances meridians that have been blocked or weakened by allergens and sensitivities. These blockages can result in a multiplicity of health symptoms that can become chronic. This natural technique can clear most sensitivities and allergies.