Channeling is the activity of consciously opening the lines of communication between us and the Angelic Realm and other souls (some who have become teachers and guides), to gain information that may assist us in our life’s challenges and our spiritual growth.

The information that is given is intended to reveal truths for the personal and spiritual awakening of the individual. The information given from the Angelic Realm can help the individual find a path to change direction in life, overcome fears of the past, or help gain the strength to replace negative behavior of the past with more positive, conscious behavior. We are all here for a reason and the lessons to be learned on this great journey can sometimes be confusing.

Channeling is offered by practitioners who are psychic. These readings help the individual to understand that in life all things are connected; there are no mistakes. Channeling helps the individual grasp the bigger picture of the challenges and lessons in life, and how to make positive changes in our behavior for ourselves and for others.