Sclerology is the study of the red lines in the white of the eyes and how they relate to stress-patterns in a person’s health. The sclera holds a unique key to understanding health from both a biochemical and a bio-energetic perspective. The eyes are windows to the soul. Sclerology can identify a person’s predisposition to disease, the hidden cause of symptoms and potential health challenges in the future. It can also reveal areas of stress, trauma and congestion within the body, signs of cardiovascular, liver and other organ disorders, digestive weaknesses, immune system conditions and more. A Sclerologist observes the red lines, various colors and gels seen in the eye and then compiles this information to make recommendations that will build health.

Sclerology provides an early warning – an earlier warning than any other eye-sciences, thus allowing a person the time to effect nutritional correction before a condition becomes chronic. Signs can show up in the sclera long before they are felt as symptoms. This is a great advantage in terms of treatment, prevention, and especially health promotion.” Sclerology is an excellent way to confirm that a natural therapy is working.

The lines in the sclera change as health conditions change, therefore the sclera’s information can show changes as the body heals. Sclerology is non-invasive and it’s a cost-effective way to assess the body. Children as well as adults benefit from this therapy