Somatic, derived from the Greek word soma, has been defined as “the body experienced from within”. In Somatic Therapy, the focus is on the whole person: body, mind, emotions and spirit. Somatic Therapy is a holistic experience that combines the mental, spiritual, and physical aspects of our being.

Somatic Therapy helps us to become aware of our bodies and the sensations we experience through them. When we take the time to focus, we can become aware of those places where we are tight, sore or uncomfortable, such as the stomach, shoulders, neck, back or head. Some people may not even be aware that they have areas of discomfort until they focus and become aware of their bodies. Those areas where we are tight are areas where we are in some way holding on to something. When we bottle up worries and stress deep inside of us, they can become physical manifestations of the body.

Muscle aches and pains are often the result of repressed concerns and stresses. Whenever we have had some painful or traumatic experience, we carry not only the memory and feelings connected with that experience, but we “remember” it physically as well, as a kind of bodily memory of that event. This bodily memory is then expressed through a tightness of muscle or tissue or a loss of freely flowing energy in an area of our body that is in someway connected with that event for us. Through Somatic Therapy, as a person becomes more aware of their body, these sensations become the cues that “something” is being uncovered.

Getting in touch with whatever sensations we are now aware of in the moment can help us release and heal. Otherwise we may just repeat the same old patterns without resolving anything. Somatic Therapy works by providing us with the ability to focus and get in touch with our feelings, rather than remaining lost in a multitude of thoughts and worries. Mindfulness allows your inner wisdom to create change through awareness rather than effort. Somatic Therapy is a tool we can use in our lifelong journey of growth and healing. As we become more aware, we can then actively work on healing ourselves.