Homeopathy Products

Center for Natural Healing
Center for Natural Healing uses BioEnergetic Medicine and Aromatherapy to help clients attain their health care goals naturally. Husband and wife owners, Kevin Richard and Sierra Lamanna, have been in business for over 20 years. They use a wide variety of products, providing customized health care programs including therapeutic grade essential oils, homeopathics, vibrational remedies, and professional strength herbs & supplements. With the intuitive skills of Sierra, your program can be done in the comfort of your home.
Centered Living: Connecting Mind in Heart
We are offering a new online store, featuring rare and hard to find Homeopathic remedies and potencies including Matridonal remedies, Inspiring Homeopathy, and potencies within the Fibonacci series for many of the poly crest remedies. We also offer Flower Essences, Gem Essences, Chakra balancing tools, and guided Taoist Qigong meditations. Visit our website to learn more.
Garcia Innergetics – Chakra Spiritual Sprays
These Spiritual Sprays are to remind the body’s energy field of its original “color” blueprint, restoring balance to our body, mind & spirit and returning to a harmonic state. Our Spiritual Sprays are made with holy water, essential oils, alchemy flower essences and vibrational frequencies (crystals, sound, colour, planets, scared geometry and other energies). Simply mist your aura with the spray you are drawn to at the moment. Also can be used to change the energy in a room and to program gemstones and other tools.
GOOy CHEWy  Allergy Relief
Still Got Allergies? Stop Masking Symptoms with Endless Pharma. Naturally Push Allergy Symptoms into Remission. Try GOOy CHEWy Relief. Build Internal Tolerance to Major Aero-Enviro Allergy Sources (Cat, Dog, 2 Dust Mite, 2 Grass, 3 Tree, Ragweed Pollens, 3 Molds & Cockroach) Plus Prebiotic & Probiotics. All via a 100% Natural, Honey Treat! www.GOOyCHEWy.com AND…for your Itchy Allergy Dog try www.DoggyGOO.com
Healthy GOO Ultra-Premium Canine Heath Supplements
Is your Itchy DOG [Allergy] SAD ? 80% of our Itchy / Paw Chewing / Gunky Ear / Hot Spot DOGs = Allergy to Enviro Pollens / Dust Mites / Molds. The Best Strategy to Fight Mis-Wired Immune System Itchy Allergies is from the Inside > Out with DVM Dermatologist Formulated / 100% USA Natural > Doggy GOO ! Via a GOO-Licious Daily Peanut Butter Treat, Doggy GOO builds heightened “Internal” Immune Tolerance to Major Enviro Allergy Sources, with the GOO Goal that over Time, “External” Symptoms abate.
Heart and Body Extract
Heart & Body Extract is an excellent herbal formula to balance and support the heart and circulatory system. The circulatory system is responsible for distributing our blood to every part of our body through a system of blood vessels. Heart & Body Extract is a unique balance, synergy and proportion of herbs working together to give the body what it needs. Balance blood sugar, and pressure, clear, clean arteries, improve circulation, healthy arterial flow, youthful energy and stamina
Nature’s Brands- Natural Health & Organic Skin Care
7 natural brands to help you look beautiful, feel younger, and be healthier. Nature’s Brands distributes a range of quality natural herbal remedies and beauty skin care products including natural vitamins, green foods, body PH supplements, health remedies, wellness formulas, organic skin care products and natural makeup. Avoid Potentially Dangerous Chemicals and Additives by using our all natural products. Free shipping for orders over $50 (after discount) in the continental USA.