In our library section you will find a lot of information to help you grow your knowledge on specific holistic and alternative medicine therapies, and in some cases how they work. In here you will find definitions of the different therapies that we have (over 110), as well as articles and videos that are brought to us by those holistic businesses that list with us.

Plus, some of them have talk radio shows as well as blogs and newsletters that you can sign up for to increase your knowledge on specific modalities.

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Alternatives for Healing offers a variety of health and wellness articles for those seeking info on diseases, therapies... Read More

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All of our Holistic Talk Radio shows offered by our practitioners and other advertisers listed with us. Enjoy the knowledge... Read More

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We have a variety of health and holistic related videos that are Inspirational, Meditation, Products, Practitioners... Read More

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Therapy Definitions

If you are wanting to find a definition of a particular Holistic & Alternative Medicine Therapy.  In this area you... Read More

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These are Alternatives for Healing blog posts where you will find a variety of different holistic and alternative medicine... Read More

Please enjoy this information, we hope you find it is helpful as many of the other people that come to our website do.