Wellness & Spiritual Retreats

To find Wellness and Spiritual Retreats to help you your journey to wellness. See below for the different choices that are available:

Asheville Recovery Center Offering Spiritual Retreat for Addiction
Recovering from addiction isn't just about stopping the use of drugs or alcohol, it's about establishing a new way of thinking and living. Our spiritual retreat inpatient program allows individuals to rediscover who they are free from the holds of addiction. And, or combined therapies and alternative techniques help to establish true, lasting healing.
Awakening Healing Axis – Enhanced Healing Retreats
All experiences designed to deepen your awareness of soul and self through meditations, group work and shared treatments. You will learn new healing techniques and increase your understanding of science supporting Energy Medicine through interactive demonstrations/discussion. The collective nature intended to increase your frequency and consciously expand gifts you are here to share with the world!
Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E. Retreats
Wellness & Rejuvenation Retreats
Week-long spa events include lodging, healthy, mindful meals prepared by your in-home cook, and a full complement of individual spa treatments and group body/mind/spirit sessions. Held 2-3 times a year. These Wellness Retreats are limited to 15 participants and tend to fill up quickly. See website for details or call the Spa 757-457-7202.
Empowered Goddess offers Women’s Well Being and Empowerment Retreats
Empowered Goddess offers retreats, classes, and workshops that support women & children through a traditional whole healing approach. Our events support empowerment, healing, and well being on all levels: physical, emotional, mental, heart, soul, and energetic. We provide long lasting practical tools and most participants experience our events as transformational and life changing.
Fresh Start  Retreats – Relax, Prevent & Restore
British Columbia, Canada
Restore your health and energy by cleansing your body, nourishing your cells, and receiving a transformational lifestyle education. Fresh Start offers three different health restoration programs that allow you to take care of yourself in a whole new way. Retreats available as short as 7 days and as long as 21 days.
Meditation Retreats with Dr. Jonathan Parker, Personal Transformation Counselor
I use a variety of unique meditation methods I discovered and refined over more than 40 years of teaching. Each day I will guide you with 4 or 5 meditations to help you release stuck patterns, karmic patterns, and ego struggles. Learn to be empowered, release many of your deepest emotional & spiritual blocks, and connect with the enlightened aspect of your Soul.
Mercy Center Retreats
Colorado Springs, CO and Ireland
The Mercy Center offers a variety of ongoing retreats and sabbatical programs in Colorado and Ireland. Check website for ongoing programs and events.
Rainforest Ecologica, Healing, Meditation, Yoga Retreat in Brazil
Enjoy daily yoga, guided meditation, shamanic therapies, adventurous activities, social cultural excursions, nature immersion, vegetarian gastronomy by a chef, in an upscale ecological resort inserted lush Rainforest. There is an incredible ethnic and cultural diversity of indigenous, Quilombolas, rural, maroon, and “caiçara” communities in this area. The retreat is designed for all levels.
Self-Awareness Weekend Counseling Program
Sacramento, CA
Monthly focused counseling program that clears away the root cause of your issues, not just the symptoms- in only 48 hours. Problems like anger, anxiety, addictions, abuse of any kind, depression, divorce, fear, stress, grief, relationship problems, marriage counseling, unresolved childhood issues, traumas, or any self-sabotaging problem(s) are addressed for individuals, couples & teenagers.
Serendipity Meadows offers Empowerment Retreats for Men and Women
Quakertown, PA
Serendipity Meadows offers women’s empowerment groups and retreats, men’s empowerment groups and “Achieve your Dreams” NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) classes. Check website for details.
Sexuality, Intimacy, Communication and Massage:  Weekend Workshop Retreats
Through Spiritual Healing one becomes free. Freedom from fear, pain & trauma. Workshops are for men, women, and couples looking to enhance their lives - personally, professionally, within family settings and their love life. Sexuality and intimacy, Relational Communication, Divine Touch Massage are the three retreats/workshops Barbara offers. Attending one is life changing!
The Journey’s Healing Retreats and Cruises
The Journey is the Midwest’s foremost metaphysical and holistic magazine. We are focused on healthy living, alternative medicine, fitness, spiritual & personal growth. Our desire is to inspire, enlighten and motivate as we journey together through this human experience towards enlightenment. Visit our website for upcoming events, healing retreats and cruises.
Truth Consciousness Ashram Immersion Retreats
Arizona and Colorado
Sacred Mountain Ashram and Desert Ashram were founded by Swami Amar Jyoti in the mid-1970s. His teachings embody Sanatana Dharma—the unfolding of human consciousness unto the Divine. The Ashrams are non-denominational, respecting all Prophets and faiths, encouraging each of us to follow our own unique pathway to Enlightenment. Both Ashrams offer Immersion Retreats.