Alternatives for Healing started with the desire to help others who are looking for different ways to deal with their health issues, or to enhance their quality of life using natural and holistic modalities.

Our Story… We can relate

Childhood illnesses, now she loves to ski, hike, bike and the outdoors.The President of AFH, Sonja had dealt with health issues throughout her childhood.  Without getting into too much detail, she was told by doctors that she would be in a wheel chair by the time she was eighteen and was pretty much allergic to everything.

After years of conventional medicine being tried by both her mother and her (younger adult), she still was not able to find relief.  Always sick, had to be careful what she ate and drank.

Sonja knew she had to try something different.  So, she started looking at alternative medicine to try to get to the root of her illnesses by trying a combination of holistic and alternative medicine therapies and remedies.  As she progressed, she noticed she was getting better.  Eventually she was able to overcome her allergies and has never been in a wheelchair, loves to ski, hike, bike and the outdoors.

Today she knows that many of her issues were caused by stress, nutritional deficiencies, toxic foods, energetic blockages or deficiencies and emotional trauma.

It started as an Idea

Alternatives for healing didn't start with "lets build a holistic directory", instead it started slowly with Sonja’s friends noticing that she was getting healthier and started asking if she could help them or their loved ones with their issues. It was happening so often that she realized that she could help people find alternatives to having a healthier happier life.

It inspired her to start collecting information from magazines and books on the different alternative medicine therapies as well as reaching out to practitioners to better understand what they do.  Not just for her but for anyone she could help.

Our Purpose, Our Future

Victor, Sonja and Golden Retriever LukeSonja met her husband Victor in 2000, they fell in love and got married in 2001.  At the time both were working in corporate America and decided to leave it for good.

In 2003 both she and her husband (a website designer) decided to create a holistic directory with the purpose of having holistic and alternative medicine practitioners, integrative doctors, products, books, stores, schools, etc. to advertise on the site so that people could find “Alternatives for Healing”.  It officially launched in April 2004.

Sonja knows a lot about the holistic industry but is not a practitioner.  Instead her purpose is to be the bridge for help those looking for alternative ways to deal with their health issues by coming to the website and finding possible holistic services and products that might be able to help them.

What our directory has to offer

Alternatives for Healing is a leading complementary and alternative medicine directory for finding alternative medicine practitioners, integrative doctors, holistic health products, alternative therapies, books, stores, magazines, schools, events, workshops and seminars. It also includes holistic resources in our Library section.

They both realize that conventional medicine has its place and is very powerful but can often mask the cause of the problem rather than heal the illness.  Not surprisingly, many of the practitioners and people that offer services and/or products on Alternatives for Healing have had their own issues that were not able to be resolved with standard medicine, so they too found a different path to get well.

We believe that the human body is very resilient and has the ability to heal itself when given the opportunity. Alternative medicine and holistic remedies can be the solution to help you to “Let Your Health Shine Through”.

Thank you for visiting Alternatives for Healing.