These Holistic Talk Radio programs are offered by our practitioners and other advertisers listed with us. Enjoy the knowledge that they wish to share with you.

Art Mindfulness and Creativity – Podcasts
Discussing art, mindfulness, creativity, mental health and critical thinking and questioning our world to make it a better place one mindful moment at a time
BBS Radio and TV – If it’s not mainstream, it’s on BBS!
BBS Radio and TV is a worldwide live and interactive premier internet talk radio and TV network. We deliver a diamond level platform with a diamond level of service at a price that cannot be beat; professional, live engineering and globally syndicated productions! Internet Talk Radio and TV is your best choice to express and communicate all manner of goods and services to a global presence.
Being Curious Show with Kelly and Brian
The Being Curious Show with Kelly and Brian is about creating discussions that curiously connect Teachers and Seekers on a wide range of topics. Kelly from Edge Magazine brings the mystical, spiritual, and business background to the discussion. Brian from Know.Shift.Own, provides insight from years of experience in the Health, Marketing, and Financial arenas.
Carrying Stones and Digging Holes to Cultivate Consciousness
Cultivate Consciousness - Carrying Stones and Digging Holes refers to the process much like chopping wood and carrying water. Host Bridgette Lyn Dolgoff is a Traditional Osteopath, Nutritionalist, Biodynamic Farmer, Herbalist, Farmacist and Shaman. You can listen to her show live on Saturdays 8pm EST at Studio B
Edge Talk Radio
Edge Talk Radio explores all aspects of holistic living, integrative approaches of complementary healing, metaphysics and the intuitive arts, our integral connection with nature, spirituality and the mysteries beyond. Free Podcasts through BlogTalkRadio. Radio Network – Real Radio On The Web
Since 2002 Radio offers a wide selection of positive programs and online platforms for local, national and global listeners including Live, On-demand, Podcast Download and 24/7 availability via syndicated/simulcast distribution. Topics include: News; Lifestyle; Natural Health; Business & Community; Variety & The Arts; Inspiration & Motivation; Specialty Series; Spirituality & the Paranormal. For advertising or hosting a show call 800-555-5453.
HRN Radio – Where Positive People and Podcasts Unite
HRN Radio offers the largest resource of positive natural health, self care, lifestyle, and spirituality uncensored podcasts to help you have a happy, healthy life. broadcasts 168 programs a week and has a FREE three month limited access to these programs. Then next, we reproduce our timeless programs to make them ad free podcasts and available on is a ad-free podcast subscription service of Radio.
Jimmy Mack Healing Radio Show
Jimmy Mack is a renowned medical intuitive and spiritual life coach. See Jimmy's radio show Archives for dozens of previous show interviews and free healing work. Healing Body, Mind, Spirit, People, Places, Things, Pets and Situations.
Law of Attraction Podcast
The Law of Attraction podcast is hosted by Life Coach David ( He is a certified and very experienced Law of Attraction life coach. Each episode is filled with wonderful information that will help you attract what you want, and improve your life. You'll also get a deeper understanding about the Law of Attraction and why it's so important to know about.
Parabola – The Search for Meaning
Award-winning PARABOLA ( brings together the foremost writers and thinkers of our time to explore timeless themes of human existence through the wisdom of sacred traditions, myth, symbol, art, folklore, rituals, and art of the world’s religious and cultural traditions.  Our monthly twenty-minute podcasts are available to stream or download for free through SoundCloud and iTunes.