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We have over 100 holistic therapies to choose from!  When your results appear the listings will also include all the other therapies offered by that clinic or practitioner.  You can search for a Practitioner in your area by city, county, statewide, nationwide, or internationally.

There are 3 main Practitioner searches:

Local search lets you search by state, county or city

When using this search area, please make sure to spell the name of the state in full. Note: Sometimes city names or county names occur in multiple states, so to pinpoint your area it is best to also include the state name when using the city or county search options.

Nationwide search

Lets you search the entire United States in one search

International Search

Is for those practitioners located outside the United States.

Please enjoy your holistic and alternative medicine practitioner search, we hope you find it is helpful as many of the other people that come to our website do.