Complementary and Alternative Medicine

What is Complementary and Alternative Medicine?

Complementary medicine is a combination of conventional medicine or standard care and alternative medicine being used together. Also known as CAM.

Standard care is practiced by health professionals including medical doctors, nurses and physical therapists. etc. They are educated and licensed in specific medical schools that specialize in conventional or standard medicine.

Alternative medicine is used in place of standard medical care. These practitioners in most cases are trained by holistic and alternative medicine schools for their specific modality. Generally, it is a range of natural health care practices that is the sum of knowledge of many holistic therapies that are used throughout the world. To find definitions on the different holistic and alternative medicine therapies that can be found on this website, please Click Here

Complementary and Alternative Medicine is also known as Integrative Medicine, which is a combination of conventional medicine and alternative medicine modalities that emphasize working on the whole person.

If you are searching for a practitioner that does complementary and Alternative Medicine, then please search our directory under Complementary or Integrative Medicine practitioners in your area – Click Here.

Note: Alternatives for Healing has a lot of practitioners who list with us that integrate different alternative medicine and holistic modalities to help their patients. However, in order to be an “Integrative Medicine Practitioner” or “Complementary Medicine Practitioner” they must practice both standard care and alternative medicine.