AHNA – American Holistic Nurses Association Retreats
Relaxing Retreat Settings Across the USA
The Integrative Healing Arts Program in Holistic Nursing (IHAP) is a unique continuing nursing education (CNE) program .  Held in relaxing retreat settings across the USA.  IHAP Is a 3-Session Program: (72 CNEs total).
Healing arts are interventions that:
  • Foster the healing process
  • Facilitate deeper levels of self-understanding and wholeness
  • Honor the body, mind, emotions, and spirit
Healing does not equate to curing, although they can be synchronous.
IHAP is offered in retreat settings across the USA. IHAP graduates:
  • Receive a certificate in Holistic Nursing and Integrative Modalities
  • Use holistic principles and modalities in their daily life and in clinical practice
  • Create a space within and around themselves that allows them to be an instrument of healing
  • Use their authenticity, caring presence, and nursing skills to facilitate birth, growth, recovery, and end-of-life transition
  • Provide healing arts,in all healthcare settings including hospitals, universities, and private practices