Neuro-Linguistic Programming Schools

Life Energy  Research – SAF Certification
The Self Awareness Formulas (SAF) is for those who want to break destructive patterns. Gain expertise as a Practitioner on the SAF Road Map Course, with certification. Events and codes from the past continually run background programs, which recreate life in the present as if it were the past! Help others learn to disconnect from past traumas; find remedies for balance.
Midwest Hypnotherapy Academy
Offering certification training programs in Hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). Classes are kept small and are very hand’s-on and intensive. The Hypnotherapy Program offers over 400 hours of training broken into modules so that you can complete the trainings at your pace and gain experience as quickly as possible. We also offer Basic and Master’s Level NLP certifications.
Tribeca Hypnosis & Healing Institute
Tribeca Hypnosis and Healing Institutes mission is to teach people in the healing business alternative techniques. Founded by Trudy Beers, Ph.D., her journey was to find the Best Teachers in NYC to teach each unique technique. Tribeca offers a variety of professional development and self-empowerment courses in the healing arts, including hypnosis, hypnotherapy, NLP and Reiki.