Somatic Therapy Practitioners

Advancing Movement
Heather Scheffler, Anat Baniel Method Practitioner
1399 Princeton Rd
Berkley, Michigan 48072
United States
Physical/Exercise Therapy, Somatic Therapy
The Anat Baniel Method® is a neuromovement® technique that uses the principles of brain plasticity to bring about positive change in the brain and body. It can be used with anyone, of any age, whether in good health or experiencing pain, disability, or illness.
Breathing Heart – Integrative Wellness and Fitness
Mandy Sau Yi Chan, MFA & RSMT
41 Union Square West
New York, New York 10003
United States
Breathwork, Physical/Exercise Therapy, Pilates, Somatic Therapy, Yoga
Mandy has worked with clients who have Morquio Syndrome, Multiple Sclerosis, Arthritis & Scoliosis. Her expertise includes: Joint and Back Function, Alignment and Posture Training, Injury Prevention and Therapeutic Movement
L.I.F.E System Practitioner Services and Equipment Sales
Ariana Gossfeld, CMT
Sessions are done remotely and are available worldwide
Boulder Creek, California
United States
Biofeedback, BioMeridian Testing, Distance Healing, EFT/TFT, Energy Healing, EPFX/QXCI/SCIO, Flower Essences, Homeopathy, Kinesiology, L.I.F.E. System, Life Coaching, Massage Therapy, Metaphysics, Naturopathy, Neurofeedback, Polarity Therapy, Remote Healing, Somatic Therapy, Sound Therapy
The L.I.F.E. System uses computerized biofeedback to assess and harmonize allergens, chemical agents, heavy metals, parasites, pathogens and more, thereby restoring balance and promoting health. It can be used to help animals as well.
Living Love Mindfulness Medicine
Miles Nichols, LAc, MS
2305 E Arapahoe Rd. #123
Centennial, Colorado 80122
United States
Acupressure, Acupuncture, Addiction Treatments, Blood Chemistry Analysis, Craniosacral Therapy, Guided Imagery, Herbology, Hypnotherapy, Integrative Medicine, Kinesiology, Magnetic Therapy, Meditation, Naturopathy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, NHRT, Nutrition, Qigong, Somatic Therapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Wellness Centers
Miles Nichols is a functional medicine practitioner. His central focus is on promoting health, happiness, and purpose. He specializes in working with Lyme, fatigue, and digestive issues. He uses labs and diet/lifestyle/supplements/acupuncture/herbs.
SomaVeda College of Natural Medicine and Thai Yoga Center
5401 Saving Grace Ln.
Brooksville, Florida 34602
United States
Acupressure, Acupuncture, Addiction Treatments, Allergy Treatments, Aromatherapy, Astrological Counseling, Ayurveda, Breathwork, Colon Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy, Crystal Therapy, Detoxification Foot Bath, Distance Healing, Ear Coning, Electro-dermal Screening, EFT/TFT, Energy Healing, Feng Shui, Flower Essences, Herbology, Homeopathy, Integrative Medicine, Iridology, Kinesiology, Laser Therapy, Light Therapy, Life Coaching, Lymphatic Therapy, Magnetic Therapy, Massage Therapy, MicroCurrent, Myofascial Release, Naprapathy, Naturopathy, Nutrition, Physical/Exercise Therapy, Polarity Therapy, Reflexology, Reiki, Remote Healing, Shamanic Healing, Somatic Therapy, Spinal Decompression, Spiritual Counseling, Tibetan Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Wellness Centers, Yoga
The Mercy Center
520 West Buena Ventura
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80907
United States
Art Therapy, Breathwork, Craniosacral Therapy, EMDR, Healing Touch, Massage Therapy, Meditation, Myofascial Release, Psychotherapy, Reflexology, Somatic Therapy, Spiritual Counseling, Therapeutic Touch
The Mercy Center also offers a variety of ongoing retreats, sabbatical programs, vocation and training programs.