Health and Wellness Classes & Workshops: Pennsylvania

Academy of Natural Health Sciences offers Massage, Nutrition and Reiki Classes
available in NJ, NY and PA
The Academy offers on-going Holistic Nutrition, Massage & Bodywork Therapy and Reiki classes. The Academy has been the foremost leader in holistic health education for over 25 years. NJ State Approved Vocational school.
Haverford Wellness offers seminars on holistic treatments
Harleysville, PA
Seminars on topics including holistic treatment options for Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia. Also offering accurate testing and successful treatment of Lyme disease and tips on Lyme disease prevention and protecting yourself from ticks. Haverford Wellness is a world-class resource for those individuals with complex neurological disorders. Check website for details.
Serendipity Meadows offers Empowerment Workshops for Men and Women
Quakertown, PA
Serendipity Meadows offers women’s empowerment groups and retreats, men’s empowerment groups and “Achieve your Dreams” NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) classes. Check website for details.
The Journey Expo offers lectures, demonstrations and workshops
OH and PA locations
Each of the Expos offers lectures, demonstrations and workshops to spark attendees to higher levels of consciousness. A great variety of vendors featuring nutrition, bodywork, crystals, music, astrology, psychic readings, aura imagery, organics, and much more! The application and vendor contracts are available. Events in Pittsburgh, PA and Cleveland, OH. See website for details.