Academy of BioEnergetics

Offering education that is acknowledged as the best of its kind in the fields of EAV, EDS, BioEnergetics, and Advanced Technologies.  Educating practitioners by introducing effective, efficient protocols for clinical applications. Illustrating assessment techniques and addressing the most effective use of BioEnergy, homeopathics, flower essences, herbs and nutritional support accurately and effectively.

Please note that we no longer use our 800 number, so call us at 770-592-1441.


"I was encouraged to take part in this course when I decided to pursue my career towards a more holistic approach. I was informed about the Academy of Bioenergetics and recommended to enroll in their courses where I would have the opportunity to discover more about energy health.

This has been unquestionably one of the most interesting courses I have ever studied. The attention to detail in the information provided is not only useful for referral purposes but also very practical. The manuals are so well prepared and even have educational printouts available for practitioners to make copies for clients. I have learnt so much more about bioenergetics than I have ever imagined. There has never been any forced pressure into completing assignments a specific way. The joy about this is that I have had the opportunity to develop my own view point on matters when approaching assignment topics. What is even more motivating is that both Dr Jan Booth and Dr Zenia Richler provide such positive and kind feedback after the completion of assignments proving that they truly are committed to bettering the future of practitioners’ education and careers.

The information I have already captured so far has contributed to my life as well as my family in such a remarkable way. I highly encourage anyone who is looking at improving their lifestyle to consider studying at Academy of Bioenergetics."

Gemma King - BEST Energy Health


"The training at the Academy has given me a greater knowledge and level of understanding of: excitotoxins, enzymes, heavy metals, parasites, the 5 Chinese elements, hormones, emotional release work, building a case history or the "client's story" and a broader usage of products and frequencies. Before attending the Academy my philosophy was to find a detoxifier, drainer, herbal, and glandular and shove the client out the door in the hope that something would work.  After attending the Academy, I look beyond the symptoms to discover the main issue for the illness being experienced.  With that core issue exposed I assist the client to regain their health. The world is no longer "black and white" but shades of many colors waiting to be discovered and explored.  Thus my view of the realm of the healing arts has expanded in possibilities from the size of a small house, to the size of the universe."

Gordon Slack, MBE - Tennessee


"I am glad I choose the Academy as you have provided me with the education and background knowledge necessary in order to grow.  I now have a much better understanding of the nutrition, homeopathy, nosodes and sarcodes.  I feel much more confident in locating the primary concern of the body.  I have learned to provide the client with a sacred and safe place in which they may heal."

Trina Rice, CT, MBE - Kansas


"The classes provided excellent information, and great skills training.  The most important thing I have learned is to find the core imbalances.  I have a much better understanding of what to test on my clients and I also have a much better understanding on how to operate and use my equipment in a fuller capacity."

Vicky Hood, RN, MBE  - Ohio


I am continually reviewing the manuals that I received for the classes.  I also take the information the computer gives and build the story for one example:  my last client kept pulling CQ10, RNA/DNA and folic acid on foundational remedies.  I looked at the prescription drugs he was on:  Depahott, Zyprexa to deplete the body’s reserve of CQ10 and Folic Acid, which if severe enough messes up DNA/RNA transcription.  So instead of looking at just the products to give I understood the WHY behind all of it.  Every time I study the manuals, I get a new group of clients that need exactly what I have learned.

Nancy Depres, RN, MBE - Michigan