From Childhood to Christhood – A Journey into Universal Divine Consciousness

From Childhood to Christhood – A Journey into Universal Divine Consciousness

A Journey into Universal Divine Consciousness by Jocelyne Ranucci

Jocelyne Ranucci saved her own life. Through a spiritual journey begun following painful life lessons and abusive relationships, she discovers her true power: to transform, transcend, and create a perfect life—a power she believes is innate in us all.

After careful self-reflection, soul-searching, and personal growth, Ranucci realized that we are all the creators of our own destiny, and that we can learn to love and accept ourselves deeply and leave the destructive patterns of the past behind. She shares her self-discovery and gives us the tools, knowledge, and inspiration—gathering wisdom from such teachers of the law of attraction, theosophy, and mysticism, as H. P. Blavatsky, Alice Bailey, Saint Germain, and other ascended masters such as Buddha, Atman, Abraham, and Christ—to change ourselves and our lives.

Her story is touching, her transformation profound. With great candor, warmth, and wit she reveals the most intimate details of her soul-searching and spiritual journey. She teaches us how to unleash the great healing power that lies buried deep within us so that we, too, can alter our path, conquer our fears, and free our spirit, allowing us to embrace the joys and serenity ahead.

To travel From Childhood to Christhood is a journey of self-reflection and personal growth. It is the path that takes us into Christ consciousness, which is not about Christianity, but rather a natural spiritual evolvement of human consciousness, the awakening of a sense of unity with life, in its many forms, and the divine. (You may choose to call it Buddha consciousness, Atman, or The Great I Am.) It is the acknowledgement that life is love—not the egocentric love born of our human nature, but the all-loving, all-knowing, all-powerful love of our divine nature. Once we understand and exemplify this, we live in Christ consciousness.