Gudi’s Aromatherapy – European Essential Oil Blends

Gudi's Aromatherapyist is joining the Psoriasis Foundation™ in their search for effective treatments for psoriasis. Gudi's Aromatherapy approaches this health issue from a holistic point of view. Our pure Essential Oil blends and remedies are based on traditional European blending techniques and most recent developments in the industry.

We are committed to help our customers to experience and appreciate the benefits and proper use of these wonderful blends.



"I used this oil following a car accident in 2009, herniating discs C3-C7. At that point I had been going to the chiropractor without any relief from discomfort and tense muscles in my neck, I was unable to turn my head or lift my baby. I tried this at an event Gudi was at and it was instant relief. The warming oil is soothing and helped eliminate the need for and prescribed pain medications or over the counter. I would have my husband rub the oil into my neck from the base of my skull and down into my shoulder which was great for preventing migraines. Thank you so much!" –– Tina, (submitted on 2015/04/29)


Another happy customer writes: "I bought the REFRESHING EYE CREAM at the Harvest Festival in Pomona. One week later my esthetician asked me if I had gotten botox. Last order you sent a HYDRO CREAM sample and I'm hooked. - Love your products." Glenda P., Yucaipa

I just have to share this with everyone!

Gudi’s Aromatherapy has completely saved my skin. I have suffered from extremely dry flakey skin since I was a child. I had reoccurring eczema and skin allergies that I had to get cortisone shots and prescription medications to keep my skin under control from red irritated itchy sore breakouts. Several years ago I saw Gudi at the Encinitas Seaside Bazaar with her skin care products. After listening to her explain the pure ingredients and how these complexion creams and serums help to moisturize and rejuvenate the skin - I tried the “Ultra Omega Therapy” and the “Balance Complexion Cream”. I just want to tell you how thankful I am to have found such a treasure!!

My skin is nourished, moisturized smooth and feels so nice. It used to feel so tight and dry and no matter how I tried - and I have tried so many products and a lot of expense - my face was always dry and miserable by the end of my workday. I use the Nourishing serum at night and then apply the Ultra Omega Therapy or Balance Cream over that. In the morning I use the Balance cream and my face looks better, feels better and stays balanced all day. I LOVE THESE PRODUCTS and have not had any dry flaky skin problems or doctor appointments since I found Gudi’s Aromatherapy! I believe because of the natural ingredients and the products do no have any garbage ingredients these creams have changed my skin to a healthy state.   Thank you!

Theresa S

Dear Gudi,

I purchased the Young & Natural clarifying serum at the end of July in Encinitas. I loved it, instantly it brightened my complexion and really helped my acne prone skin.  My family noticed immediately after just 3 days of using the product.

Naomi, Fort Worth

I met you at the Seaside Bazaar in Encinitas a few weeks ago.  I purchased the soap, toner and acute acne care crème. I have to tell you that I have had a battle with my skin for the last 6 yrs. and in the last few weeks my skin has never looked better. It is soft and clear and I am so extremely happy!!! 🙂

Thanks again so much 🙂