Hypnosis Downloadable Recordings by Carol Henderson, Certified Hypnotherapist

Quit Smoking with Hypnosis - contains subliminal suggestions directed at your subconscious mind, where all cravings, desires, urges and longing for cigarettes arise. And Ultimate Relaxation- contains binaural beats, music, and Carol’s voice, all customized to lead you slowly and comfortably, into the most comfortable and relaxed state you can experience while you are still awake.


My husband and I both quit smoking with New Day Hypnotherapy. We were both surprised at how easy it was for us. We had tried to quit many times before, sometimes succeeding for a few weeks at a time, but one of us would start again, and then the other one would start. I really recommend it, we both found it easy to quit after the sessions, and haven’t been tempted to start again, It has been 10 months. Both of us had no cravings, no withdrawal.