LEBA III – Herbal Dental Product for Dogs and Cats

LEBA III balances the chemistry of the mouth keeping the teeth clean and healthy for the entire life of your pet, without side effects. The key to a long healthy life is balance. Products that kill the bacteria have an antibiotic action, damaging the environment of the mouth. The safety and efficacy of LEBA III was proven by a renowned university and has been used by veterinarians since 1994.  Click on our website PHOTOS link to see more before and after photos!

The Power of MERCY

Inspired by the heartache of losing her beloved dog Mercy after a routine dental procedure in 1992, Lise Guerin was determined to find another way to maintain the dental health of dogs and cats. After numerous consultations and rigorous testing with veterinary professionals on different continents, Leba III was created from a combination of safe and effective herbs, including mint (Lamiaceae) and Rose (Rosaceae) stabilized in 25% ethyl alcohol (human, food grade) and distilled water.

The herbs are the active ingredients, changing the chemistry in the mouth, stimulating the enzymes and causing the tartar to soften and fall off. "It works with the saliva by stimulating the good flora," Lise explains. "You hear a lot about probiotics now, because we know that to maintain health in a live system, you fight bad bacteria with good bacteria. When you use a product with an antiseptic, it kills both the good and bad bacteria and puts the chemistry in the mouth even more off balance. Leba III has a different action."

By 1994, veterinarians all across Canada were buying Leba III to use in their practices. Soon, the product was available in the U.S. and was being distributed to pet stores and sold directly to consumers.

Helping other animals and protecting them from what happened to Mercy means the world to Lise. We received an email recently from a customer in New York whose dog had terrible teeth and breath. She wrote, ‘It has been life changing as we now allow her to sit with us for hours instead of minutes! Thank you for making such an easy to use and effective product.’ Testimonials won’t bring Mercy back, but they celebrate her memory.

  • LEBA III – Herbal Dental Product for Dogs and Cats
  • LEBA III – Herbal Dental Product for Dogs and Cats
  • LEBA III – Herbal Dental Product for Dogs and Cats