Life Connection

Life Connection

Online magazine and in print too!

Our goal is to connect a community—those most interested in optimum health, complimentary medicine, health food and also knowing the latest on issues such as genetically modified organisms. It’s a community that wants environmentally friendly choices and a healthy, life-supporting San Diego ecology. It’s a community that is open to exploring successful new and old ways, and recognizes the power of the human spirit to inspire and transform.

We’ve strived to offer these perspectives, information and tools without saying there is only one path that we all need to be on. Isn’t a basic principle for us/US all that we pursue happiness as we define it—without stepping on others on the way? We consider “truth” to mean: here’s what we know so far.

We do not represent any one organization or philosophy and believe that diversity of thought strengthens us and allows for greater understanding. We do not necessarily agree with all of the articles published. Ultimately, we feel all must decide what is best for ourselves; and true power comes from knowing that true self.

Online we hope to be able to expand and include more groups and topics—movement and fitness, for instance. There’s more in the works that we will evolve to and we hope you are pleasantly surprised. We hope to be also. Just as with the print magazine, we expect this to take on a life of its own.

We hope that updating our tech skills and offering you more online than we can in print will serve you better and expand what is valuable and meaningful for living life to the fullest.

Enjoy (and tell us about it)
Thank you,
Steve Hays, publisher