Sacro Wedgy Sacral Stabilizer

The Sacro Wedgy is an amazing tool to relax on daily to help naturally create muscle balance. It places the sacrum - the keystone of our anatomy - in a neutral position to allow surrounding muscles freedom to relax. Sciatica, low back pain, hip pain and more may be simply a muscle imbalance. The inventor is a football coach. Try simple first - it may be all you need. Let gravity do the work.

For many, the Sacro Wedgy has worked when all else failed.


If you suffer from chronic pain and have been seeking relief from expensive invasive medical interventions, please take my advice as a medical insider who has thoroughly researched and understands the science behind the Sacro Wedgy's mechanism of action and try it TODAY. I have experienced tremendous professional success in my pelvic floor therapy program, using similiar techniques to alleviate pain, and now I am able to provide the same pain relieving therapy for myself since I discovered relaxing on the Sacro Wedgy. This product is simply genius and has been a game changer for treatment of complex pelvic floor pain issues.

Melissa Hendricks, RN