The Animal Wellness Natural Cookbook for Dogs

Throughout The Animal Wellness Natural Cookbook for Dogs, you’ll find beneficial facts about the ingredients in our recipes. We’re so lucky that Nature has put a wealth of nutrition at our fingertips. Now all you have to do is get it into your dog’s bowl!

About the Author

Suzi Beber has been creating special needs diets for dogs and cats for many years, and has done extensive research into balanced home prepared diets. Following the loss of her beloved golden retriever, Blues, to cancer at only six years of age, she founded The Smiling Blue Skies Cancer Fund in 2001 through the University of Guelph’s Pet Trust. Suzi has been awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee medal for her work with pets and people with cancer and is the only two-time recipient of the Golden Retriever Club of Canada’s Silmaril Kennel Trophy for the Human/Animal Bond. The Smiling Blue Skies Cancer Fund A portion of all proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to The Smiling Blue Skies Cancer Fund, which provides funding for cancer research and treatment for companion animals. One initiative, funded through The Smiling Blue Skies Fund for Innovative Research, creatively researches cancer at its most fragile and vulnerable early stage, which has important implications for human cancers too.