Aulterra the EMF Neutralizer – Protect against Cell Phone Radiation
Protection From Cell Phone & Computer! The EMF Neutralizer contains a proprietary blend of activated paramagnetic and diamagnetic elements which neutralize adverse effects of manmade EMF (electro-magnetic feilds) exposure on human DNA. Micro-thin layers of rare activated earth elements produce the thinnest, most effective Neutralizer ever with patented and proven results. Made in the USA
AXXYXX – Unique White Noise Quantum Therapy for Optimal Living
Calling natural and alternative health practitioners, who would like to integrate radionics into their practice to benefit clients. The AXXYXX Pro offers unique White Noise treatment when scanning and treating the biofield of living organisms for imbalances, mainly manifesting as “dis-ease” in people, animals, plants and life. It combines thousands of alternative healing modalities and their remedies in one device for treatment options. Distance and an App Service treatment, elevate the reach to global clients.
Cold Laser Supplies – Over 40 Therapeutic Laser Therapy Devices Available
800-575-7963 or 808-870-0348
Hot and cold LASERS for Home, Pro and Pet Applications. FDA cleared over-the-counter pain relieving devices since 2003. Compact portable cold lasers, desktop models and more. Relieve both chronic and acute pain in the comfort of your home or practice in just minutes. Laser treatments are used by Professional Athletes, Weekend Warriors, Seniors with Arthritis or Back Pain, and Practitioners who treat Pain, Inflammation, Musculoskeletal, Joint, Spine and Skin Issues.
Discover Cold Lasers – Scalar Wave Lasers and much more
Scalar Wave Lasers, Cold Laser, Acupoint and Light Therapy equipment for Personal and Professional applications. Over 20 yrs experience in cold laser therapy and light therapy products for treatment of musculoskeletal conditions, acute and chronic pain, injury and operation prevention, rehabilitation, weight control and wrinkle reduction. Our FDA cleared lasers support self-healing on a cellular level. We also offer EMF protection and water filter products too!
Frequency Rising – quality wellness products for home and body
Healthy lifestyle products for the home and body. Including Water Filters, water ionizers including Kangen and Vitalizer Plus, Rife Machines, Dr. Hulda Clark Colon and Body Cleansing, Zappers, Ozone, The Rebuilder, Vita-Mix Juicer, Ionic Silver, ASEA, Nutritional Supplements including VIBE, Mangosteen, Noni, Acai, Goji, Glutathione, and more. Magnet Therapy, EMF protection, Tachyon products. Alternative and holistic cancer treatments. Pet Products too! Free consultations.
Institute of BioEnergetic Medicine – Professional Equipment and Charts
For the Natural Medicine Professional- IBEM has Auriculomedicine Reflex Charts and equipment. Our charts show the stages, yin-yang points, accurate reflex points and zones on somatotopic maps. Beautiful as art and functional. IBEM sells both used and new equipment. Equipment and products available include: BioScan Device, Diadens Products, Medical Frequency Device (Rife System), EAV testing Device, Milimeter Wave Device and Auricular Therapy Device.
Juneva Health – Health Without Limits!
As a certified bioenergetic & holistic health practice, we offer technologies and products that can restore optimal health throughout the body in the most natural way and provide pain relief as well as correction of any distortion or deterioration in the body. Book Appointments & Sign-Up for Total Wellness Subscriptions, NES miHealth Device & Accessories, NES Infoceuticals, Detox products, EMF protection, Grounding mats, Lab Test kits, Bioenergetic Books, Music, Videos, and more.
Just in Case Store
Being Prepared when the Unthinkable Happens! We offer: Emergency Food for people and pets. Generators, stoves, grills, freezers, cooking items, Water filtration, Distilled water makers, First Aid kits, tents, flashlights, lanterns, tools, CB radios, Ham radios, Portable radios, Protection items including tasers, pepper spray, door alarms...and much more. Take care of yourself and your loved ones. Survival, Preparedness & Protection!!!
L.I.F.E. System Equipment Sales
The L.I.F.E. System (Living Information Forms Energy) is the finest noninvasive state-of-the-art health technology available for the 21st century. The body's own electromagnetic field is stimulated through immediate feedback to assess and harmonize toxic factors such as allergens, chemical agents, genetic predisposition, heavy metals, parasites, pathogens, etc. thereby restoring balance and promoting health. It can be used to help animals as well.
Lemurian Plug – an Affordable EMF Defense Solution
5G Defense - Neutralize Toxins - Protect Yourself from EMFs - Enjoy Restorative Frequencies for Healing - Healthier Pets - Improved Sleep - Improved Well Being - Preserve Food - Transfer Energy to Phones - Appliances run more Efficiently - Healthier Plants. The Lemurian Plug emits positive frequencies while defending against negative EMFs and neutralizing toxins. Wholesale opportunities available! Click on title above website link for testimonials.
LifeWave patches – Activate Your Stem Cells
Our patented wellness products help to deliver more energy, stamina, mental acuity, better sleep, reduced stress, improved skin appearance, faster wound healing, reduced body fat, decreased pain and feeling of youthful vitality. Please go to our website and read about LifeWave patches. There is even one for horses! No need to sign up for a monthly shipment...order when you need them. If you use the one-time sign up fee of $25, you get wholesale prices too!
Night Hawk Minerals Cloudbuster – A Breakthrough Water Restructuring Unit
Night Hawk Minerals has developed the means to restructure and energize water. This is not magic, this is science. Using natural frequency and vortex's, water flowing through these units will instantly transform into healthier, restructured, and energized water. These units are impregnated with natural energy that never needs to be recharged or refilled.
Pain Relief Therapy – Portable Cold Laser Device
Effective Relief from Pain! Better circulation diminishes the inflammation - thereby quickly helping relieve the pain and accelerating the tissue repair. Accelerates pain relief over days with dosage of 3 - 15 min of use. This Cold Laser Therapy Device is suitable for knee, shoulder, back, joint and muscle pain reliever. Can also be used to help Pets suffering from pain. This state-of-the-art compact device is designed for personal home use...but also easy to travel with!
Quantum Transformers
The Quantum Transformer (QT) is a programmed quantum energy device, believed to be the first of its kind. The QT transforms harmful 5G, WIFI & EMF and orbital satellite transmission energies into biologically supportive energies. You will be amazed with your new level of harmony, balance and vitality achieved from the device.
Rejuvenizer by Light Healing
800-935-0128 or 512-301-2999
Created by Dr. Phyllis Light, the Rejuvenizer helps protect you from the harmful effects of electromagnetic fields from computers, cell phones, satellites, microwaves, TV and radio frequencies, and other electronic frequencies. It helps combat fatigue, headaches, and eyestrain, while also repairing damages to your energy field from drugs, surgical procedures. It also helps clear many viruses and bacteria that cause illnesses. Liquid BioCell® collagen products also available.
Soul Scans – Emotional & Spiritual Profiles for Self Transformation
A Soul Scans quantum biofeedback will scan the emotional field to identify negative thought patterns and beliefs, spiritual and emotional blockages, self-sabotaging patterns, childhood imprints and subconscious beliefs that are blocking us from our ascension, manifestation, happiness, loving relationships and more. Includes customized affirmations and intentions. A truly powerful self-therapy.
Spas, Saunas and More – relax and detoxify
Offering a variety of spas, hot tubs, saunas, massage chairs, foot baths and foot massagers, bath tub jet spas and spa accessories. Portable inflatable spas too. Relax and detoxify in the comfort of your home!