Balanced Horse Workshops
Available throughout USA and Canada by request
As a National Level Trainer Patricia’s horsemanship gravitated to physics and concepts of energy. Natural training strategies transform weaknesses into strength. This changes behaviors, flexibility, hoof growth, and recovery from injuries. Workshops designed to raise our level of knowledge about developing a partnership with the horse. Be prepared to spiritually plug into your horse. Veterinary Intuitive, problem solving, training issues for horses and dogs.
Sacrology classes – Sacral stabilization utilizing the Sacro Wedgy
Mobile, AL. Also available nationwide by request
Learn about Sacro Wedgy® and how it has helped back pain, hip pain, scoliosis, knee pain, sciatica and more. This simple yet effective device was created by a football coach. The Sacro Wedgy stabilizes the sacrum. This class teaches gentle non-invasive ways to help bring our structure back to center to help correct symptoms - not just treat them. CEUs available for Massage Therapists.