Health and Wellness Classes & Workshops: Nevada

Consciousness Of Economics and Urban Farm Project seminars & workshops
Reno, NV. Also available nationwide by request
Topics include energy and structural medicine, restoration and re-programming, biodynamic and urban farming, sustainability, intentional creation, restoration and re-programming, diet, nutrition, business and personal development. In person or long distance for people, animals, land, business, home, through consulting, workshops, webinars, speaking, lecturing and by Zoom. Call her at 775-624-7862
Ministry Of Consciousness Shamanism Classes
Reno, NV. Also available nationwide by request
Bridgette specializes in Shamanism formats, utilizing Fire Medicine, Snake Medicine, Dreaming and Transmutation. She offers Shamanism Healing, medicine and studies. Providing in person and long distance healing, medicine for people, animals, land, business, home, consulting, coaching, workshops, speaking, lecturing, webinars and by Zoom sessions. Call 775-624-7862.
USA CBD Expo – CBD & Hemp Speaker Sessions and Panels
4 expo locations: Atlanta, GA, Mohegan Sun, CT, Las Vegas, NV and Chicago, IL
Through a strong application process we curate only the best and most educated industry speakers to talk on all aspects of CBD. We strive to provide the best learning experience possible and offer over 40 FREE sessions to attend, touching on key facets of each topic and covering them thoroughly. Discount tickets:  use code AFH for 20% OFF your ticket