One Light Healing Touch Energy Healing and Mystery School
available in GA, NY, SC, UT and Internationally- Germany
Basic Training offers a comprehensive 14-18-day program in over 33 Shamanic, Holistic and Esoteric energy techniques for healing yourself and others – body, mind and Spirit. Workshops, Masters and Teacher-Training programs. See website for locations. Founder Ron Lavin has participated in 5 landmark-healing studies with the National Institutes of Health, and featured in international media.
Stress Or Truth workshops with Linda Brewer, Board Certified Holistic Alternative Psychology Master
Spartanburg, SC
Learn and Experience the 3 causes of your Stress and your 9 choices of Truth to eliminate your stress, depression, and fears which will enable your body to heal itself through turning your defensive cells into healthy growth cells. Linda is the founder of Bonsai Leadership- one’s destiny is created by their belief system, thoughts and habits.