You’ve Got Kelly
Kelly of You've Got Kelly
Zoom, Skype or phone sessions also available
Eden Prairie, Minnesota
United States
Holistic Therapy
Angel Readings, Channeling, Crystal Therapy, Distance Healing, Energy Healing, Healing Touch, Medium, Psychic, Remote Healing, Spiritual Counseling, Stem Cell Therapy

I am fascinated by discovering & understanding her client’s “Why?” She creates space & hold energy for people like few others can do. As a knower and seer, Kelly has learned to use her unique set of tools in new ways. Kelly is able to assist with both past and present issues- whether its energetic healing of their ancestry, current relationships, business/marketing strategy, or next steps.

Kelly’s intuitive, honest, authentic, and encouraging approach when working with people is quite unique. When other practitioners may tackle the problems at the surface, Kelly digs deeper. She is known for asking out loud the questions most only think, in the pursuit of truth. She dials in and see an illuminated “Yellow Brick Road” that shows Kelly the path her clients should follow to fulfill their goals and live their optimal life.

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