Hypnotherapy is a form of treatment that facilitates suggestion and re-education. Hypnosis involves a state of focused relaxation, when the subconscious mind is open to suggestions. Some common uses of…

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Quartz crystal

Quartz crystal can be used to clear and activate the chakras. It purifies the physical, mental and spiritual bodies. During crystal therapy healing sessions, it can be placed on or…

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Seaweed is full of minerals and trace minerals. It also helps detoxify the body by binding to radioactive waste and heavy metals to help the body eliminate them.

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The stone Citrine is often used to promote success, confidence and good fortune. It is also associated with and activates the solar plexus chakra. With Crystal Therapy assorted stones can…

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Crystal therapy

Alternatives for Healing offers an easy way to find either Crystal Therapy practitioners, stores- for walk in stores in your area, or online shopping which is located in our products…

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Homeopathy is used to treat acute and chronic health problems as well as for disease prevention and health promotion. Homeopathic remedies are useful for both humans and animals.

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Flower Essences

Flower Essences are a form of vibrational treatment. Each flower has a unique vibration, which is transferred to a remedy by steeping in water. These subtle liquid extracts are generally…

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