It is more and more evident that couples are experiencing infertility issues.  Over the last 15 years clients requesting natural fertility treatment have increased significantly at the Washington Institute of Natural Medicine in Washington D.C.

Many of the clients that contact the Institute have already been to their gynecologists and fertility experts only to find out that all of their tests are normal and there is no explained reason for the infertility.  In these particular situations the Washington Institute’s staff can have a significant impact on the client’s goal of successfully obtaining and maintaining a pregnancy.

I am Dr. Victoria Goldsten, an Integrative Homeopath and the director of the Institute. As the director of the Institute and a practitioner, I first was unsure if I was going to treat infertility naturally.

Over 20 years ago when I first started my practice I became acquainted with infertility with a client that just had one ovary.  This client initially asked for my assistance for her irregular menstruation.  She had previously been on fertility drugs and had two viable pregnancies.  My original goal and her request was to balance her female system and in doing so I placed her on professional homeopathic formulas to balance the female hormonal system and to detox the liver.  The formulations worked well in regulating her menstruation and surprisingly she became pregnant without the use of the fertility drugs. At that point I knew I could help women become pregnant naturally… Read More

by Dr. Victoria Goldsten, HD