Acupuncture originated in China and is based on an energetic model. Energy or “Qi” flows along specific pathways in our bodies called “meridians”. Each meridian is associated with particular physiological systems and internal organs. Acupuncture involves the insertion of the tips of needles into the skin at specific points along these meridians for the purpose of treating various disorders by stimulating nerve impulses. Acupuncture is effective for treating chronic pain, allergies, respiratory problems, digestive problems, skin disorders, hormonal problems and more.

Traditional Chinese medical theory holds that Acupuncture works by normalizing the flow of Qi “vital energy” in the body. Pain or illnesses are treated by normalizing any stagnant energy or energy deficiencies. Pain is considered to indicate blockage or stagnation of the flow of Qi, and an axiom of the medical literature of acupuncture is “no pain, no blockage; no blockage, no pain”.