B.E.S.T. – Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique

B.E.S.T. Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique is an energy balancing procedure that helps the body use its own natural healing abilities. By touching certain pressure points in a specific sequence and having the client think about specific memory stress, B.E.S.T. helps remove interference in the body’s healing power, thereby restoring balance in the nervous system. This ultimately leads to the body’s own healing of disease.

The practitioner follows a specific protocol, instructing the patient’s conscious thought process, eye position, and breathing pattern to re-time the body toward a current need. Once the patient’s body and sub-conscious portions of the brain are functioning based on redirected and updated experiences, rather than past experiences, healing can take place.

Your brain controls all functions in your body. B.E.S.T helps them work together in synchronicity, resulting in body balance and restoration of health. The body can begin to repair itself naturally.