BioMeridian Testing is a noninvasive method used to assess the energy meridians (energy channels) of the body. The BioMeridian Test is a comprehensive evaluation of your energetic health and balance. It identifies where your body needs help and support by identifying weakness in any of the tissues of the body. The test is performed by contacting the instrument (stylus) with each of the 60 meridian points on the hands and feet. The test measures the energy at the meridian points, which directs the practitioner to probable areas of imbalance. After the measurements have been collected, the results are reviewed.

If stress values are above or below equilibrium, the sophisticated software will report those readings. The BioMeridian Test can tell you the functional status of your meridians and their related organs and systems. This is determined by any stress, imbalance, or weakness that shows up on the test. The BioMeridian Test can also let you know if you have specific sensitivities to foods, molds pollens, etc. and which specific nutritional products will bring your unbalanced meridians back to balance.

If you have spinal misalignments interfering with your meridian energy flow, this will also show up, along with the location of the misalignments. All of this information helps the practitioner provide a protocol that is customized specifically for that individual.