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Stories of Healing the Body, Mind & Spirit

  • Holistic Healing Stories

    People Sharing Their Stories of
    Healing and Personal Growth

    We are starting this new section, posting “Stories of Healing” to let you know that others have stories to share to inspire and empower you to make the effort to start your own journey of healing.

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  • healing-stories-right-sonja3

    My Story: by Sonja, Founder of
    Alternatives for Healing

    I wanted to share my personal experiences with illnesses which were caused by such factors as stress, nutritional deficiencies, toxic foods, emotional trauma, and physical/energetic blockages and weaknesses.

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A Holistic Journey

  • Blood Clots - What are the Facts?

    Blood Clots – What are the facts?

    If you have ever experienced a blood clot, then you have experienced the excruciating pain and lengthy recovery time! Blood clots occur most often in people ...

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  • energy-healing

    On Energy Healing

    Today we have widespread discontent with Western medicine. This is based on concerns about the safety and financial cost of conventional medical practices, especially pharmaceutical scandals ...

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  • depression

    Depression – Complementary & Alternative Medicine

    A recent article from JAMA, January 6, 2010;303(1):47-53, and subsequent news in the popular press has identified that there is a lack of efficacy of modern western ...

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  • Rosemary essential oil

    Aromatherapy Application For Labor & Delivery

    In the last 20 years, there has been a resurgence in the popularity of aromatherapy as complementary treatment to traditional medicine. While there is little research ...

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  • anti-aging

    Anti-Aging from the inside out!

    Antioxidants, optimal digestion and hormonal balance are important elements to anti-aging from the inside out.  The tone, texture and suppleness of the skin are the first ...

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  • Holistic and Health Articles

    Holistic and Health Articles

    Alternatives for Healing offers a variety of health and holistic articles for those who are seeking information on diseases, therapies and other alternative medicine, health and ...

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  • Holistic & Alternative Medicine Therapy Definitions

    Holistic & Alternative Medicine Therapy Definitions

    We have 115 holistic & Alternative Medicine Therapy Definitions.  In this area you will find detailed  description and/or history on each of the holistic therapies listed ...

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  • Health and Wellness Videos

    Health and Wellness Videos

    Alternatives for Healing offers a variety of health and holistic related videos on such topics as: Inspirational, Meditation, Practitioner, Product and Alternative Medicine and Holistic Schools. ...

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