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Stress affects people of all ages and all walks of life

Stress affects people of all ages and all walks of life, especially with jobs becoming more stressful, so does family life. The word has become such a part of our everyday language, but what does it really mean? It means being in a state of high tension which, if not controlled, can eventually be the precursor of more serious physical or mental illness.

Stress is more often referred to as nervous tension. A stressful situation is one in which a person feels so much pressure that they feel unable to cope. This condition is becoming so common among the symptoms treated by the medical profession, that it is now seriously acknowledge to the point of assembling many symposia and congresses on the subject. It is recognized as a serious threat to our health, as far as even being a potential killer, and we must pay attention to mastering it before it masters us. School children are now also experiencing stress as a result of that passed down from parents.

Stress subsequently leads to chronic fatigue, depression and need for pharma pills, alcohol and drugs.

Stress has presently become a way of life for many people. Its effect is cumulative and becomes harmful when we cannot cope.

One must learn self-discipline, and strengths-based theories to support an individual’s well-being, so they can overcome many attacks that can be experienced. I believe self – regulation is important, it is not so much what happens to us as much as the way in which we choose to react/respond to a given situation or person, to free ourselves.


What changes in your diet can reduce oxidative stress? Avoid red mead, all refined and processed foods (white flour etc., fried foods, substitute honey for sugar. Observe food combining principles, it is best not to eat carbohydrates with proteins at the same meal

Overload stress can lead to harsh circumstance, and a complete disconnection with your being. I like to encourage, a change of diet, some leisure time, a short holiday, to help break the routine and regain a fresh and balanced perspective of life again.

Wishing Good Health and Good Living Anna R. Dias N.D

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The Miracle of the Brain

I have recently read a book called change your brain, change your life by Daniel G. Amen M.D.

He talks about the importance of exercise, good nutrition and positive attitude. He mentioned that there are 4 pillars in life which are particularly important to look at, when studying a healthy brain: Biological, psychological, social, and spiritual. But one thing that stuck to me through the whole book, how are society is suffering, sometimes blamed, and penalized for their behaviors, some feel ostracized from society. To frequently, people suffering from depression, anger, irritability, learning disabilities, impulsiveness, or other mental illness is interpreted as willful misconduct, and serious problems arise. When they should be getting treatment…different treatments that they are not aware that exists. One treatment in particularly is called spect (single emission computed tomography).

Spect is a nuclear medicine study that looks at the blood flow and activity which is different of what most people receive when they suffer from ex; depression or anxiety, ADD/ADHD and addiction.

Psychiatrist are forced to make diagnoses like they did in the 1840. When Abraham Lincoln was depressed says Dr D.G Amen, they used tools, talked to them, observed him and looked-for symptom cluster. How they have learned from these symptoms’ clusters such as ADD, anxiety or depression are not single or simple disorders in the brain, and they all have multiple types. They can have essentially the same symptoms, but radically different scans. Ex: someone with depression had low activity & the other had high activity in the brain. The treatment for these 2 cases should be different but, in most cases, only a handful of psychiatrists ever look at the brains of their patients. ACT or MRI scans, which are anatomy studies that look at the brain structure vastly different than a spect.

A thoroughly examination should be considered, there are other options to look forward and better lifestyle choices which can enhance overall healthier brain.

Some natural supplements that I believe everyone can benefit from.

  • Essential fatty acid Epa-Dha: reduce overall inflammation, helps the cognitive
  • Green tea catechins: help protect plasma and lipoproteins from oxidative damage by increasing blood antioxidant
  • PS (phosphatidylserine): help support the growth of the brain, reduce cortisol (stress hormone) and degenerative disease. PS passes through membrane structure.
  • Gaba: helps with anxiety, sleeping disorder and
  • Vit B complex: help to relieve overall

Watch this movie!! it was an eye opener for me. Brain on fire

Quote: Be grateful for whoever comes because each has been sent as a guide from beyond. By Rumi

Wishing Good Health and Good Living Anna R. Dias N.D

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The concept to spring cleaning our homes and ridding of unnecessary items that have been accumulated in our basement, tucked away, or simply holding on to memories that are draining. Is a result of much clutter and can become a nuisance to our mind which I like to call toxic! The same analogy applies to our bodies. With the evolution of modern society, the internal body is being stressed even more than ever before an overloaded with chemicals, toxins, air pollution, and radiation. Not to mention the toxins we ingest through our mouths: the processed and demineralized foods, herbicides, pesticides, food colorings, preservatives, and greasy, acidic based foods. These poisons can cause excessive stress on the entire physiology of our bodies, weakening our immune systems, digestive systems, and eliminative organs. Once these systems are weakened, the other glands and organs become weakened and stressed, resulting in chronic and degenerative diseases.

When our bodies are clean and strong, they can eliminate toxins, but when they become overloaded, they become sluggish and more susceptible to disease, as the immune system no longer has the capability of fighting off the invading diseases. Here are a few tips that will help the transition of detoxifying the body simpler. The question that most people ask in my practice, how should I cleanse my body and accelerate the detoxifying process?

Before we get into a specific protocol for intense cleansing, I would like to address one final point: your body cleanses and detoxifies itself evenly. What I mean by this is, there is no way for your body to cleanse your kidneys first, and then your liver, and then your eyes, and so on and so forth. Your body detoxifies all its cells at about the same pace.

This does not mean that every part of your body will feel healthier at the same pace, as each of your body parts has its own history and genetic predisposition. Let us say, for example, that you have a long history of acne. If you begin a period of intense cleansing, it may be days or weeks or months after your internal organs have become significantly cleaner and healthier when you observe improvement in the health of your skin. And if other factors are contributing to your acne (such as an imbalance in your endocrine system), you may need years of healthful living to experience lasting improvement in skin health and tone.

Although it may be disheartening to know, the truth is that lasting improvement in your health may take many months or years to manifest itself. You may feel better within days, but I hope that what you are really shooting for is to build a foundation of health that will serve you for decades.

Also, please remember that the positive effects of an intense period of cleansing will last only if your dietary and lifestyle choices support your cleanse. Full body cleansing never

stops – it is always happening at the pace that your daily choices allow. If you want to experience your best health, your job is to support your body’s self-cleansing mechanisms every day. health after your cleanse. Your body is working its tail off to detoxify itself as you are reading these words, and it will continue to do so during an intense cleanse, and after an intense.

Here are some tools to support your health during and after you are cleansed:

  • Increase fiber intake daily to 30gr; Fiber cleanses your body and your digestive tract, along in regulating glucose level during the day which promotes better sleep, so opt for foods like sprouted bread, brown rice, broccoli, bran cereal, corn and other raw vegetables and
  • Eliminate/reduce wheat and gluten from your diet
  • Stay away from the 3P: pasta (exception of rice paste), potatoes, pastry. Reducing empty carb helps regulate glucose level and promote detox, healthy weight loss and conserve
  • Check your acidity level (you can buy a dispenser at a store or see your naturopath) normal range should be around 7-7.5 the lower it is the more acidic. When the body is more acidic, there is stress oxidation which create inflammation. Being alkaline reduces infection and restores the
  • Drink lots of water & get lots of clean fresh air as you can. Your lungs are constantly expelling carbon dioxide into the air around you, and your cleansing mechanism are best served by a steady stream of fresh, oxygen- rich
  • Take naps and get as much physical and emotional rest at night. Sleep is essential for maintaining the right body weight; Between 1:00 and 3:00 am, secretion of growth hormone is elevated, which induces transformation of body-fat into available energy that is required for reconstruction purposes. When you are active at that time, fluctuating blood-energy levels and food consumption will inhibit this process.
  • Chew your food well, do not overeat and eat small portion; this can help produce digestive enzymes which in return breakdown any food intake, and speed up the process of elimination of toxins through the
  • Engage in light stretching everyday/ brisk walk nothing strenuous while detoxify.
  • Minimize your exposure to exogenous & endogenous; for ex, cosmetic use especially around the mouth to prevent accidental ingestion of chemicals, lip balm (used coconut oil instead)/deodorants, antiperspirants, perfumes cologne/ use natural shampoo, and many more. This combination of actions will minimize production of toxins in your digestive tract and within the cell.
  • Reduce coffee and alcohol to once a week. Remember that you need to be happy doing this if you are not ready to eliminate alcohol or coffee from your life, just minimize until it no longer has control of your life.

Detoxification Procedures

  • This includes homeopathic remedies, reflexology/acupuncture, massage, thermal chambers (sauna), herbal liver and kidney cleansing formulas, antioxidants, mega vitamin/mineral supplements. Each are beneficial although catered to different individuals needs which should be examined with your health
  • Consider a colon cleansing: Colon cleansings are believed to remove the body of parasites and other toxins that can interfere with digestion and general health.

The good news is that your body is designed to constantly gather up and remove toxins from your cells. Toxins only present a challenge to your health when they accumulate to a point where they interfere with cellular function-we call this state toxicosis.



Cleansing is about feeling revived, contrary to being gruesome …It is about changing your life and rid of or/deal with nuisance in a healthier route, in return it helps build a greater attitude hence measuring your altitude in life.

Wishing Good Health and Good Living Anna R. Dias N.D

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Rules I live by everyday and in my Kitchen

Welcome back autumn! A tender time of the year. I feel like I can take a breather. Relax. Refresh. Regroup.

Finding a connection to creativity and witnessing life come alive. This month’s blog is. How to have fun while eating healthy

Eating healthy can be complicated. What percentage of my caloric intake should be polyunsaturated fats? Is its linoleic acid that is good for me or alpha-linolenic acid? Which oil is best to cook with? It’s easy to see why many people can become obsessive with their eating habits and lose their love of food.

I believe that if we instead focus on a few basic guidelines, after all, your diet is never going to be perfect and the whole point of eating healthy is to live a long and happy life (it’s not so happy when you have to write down every bite or second-guess every choice you make at a restaurant!) As an alternative, I propose the following rules that I try to live by in the kitchen:

  1. Eat vegetarian at least two dinners per week: Animal proteins do not always have to be the focal point of your dinner. Too often, we get stuck in the mindset of “Do we want chicken, steak or fish for dinner?” Try meals with vegetarian protein sources like nuts, seeds, legumes, goat cheese, quinoa, etc. You can still have your steak – just do not fool yourself into thinking that if you miss two nights per week without it that you are not getting enough protein.
  1. Eat and buy foods that you are excited about! There is no point in buying vegetables that you know you detest. They will sit in your fridge for a week or two before ending up in the garbage. Start with veggies that you enjoy and then slowly expand your reach.
  1. Eat the rainbow: Simply put, if you keep your plate and meal colorful, you are increasing the nutrient density of your meals. Think about it: is a bagel colorful? It literally pales in comparison to a stir-fry or salad.
  1. Aim for 50/25/25: Take your plate and draw an imaginary line down the middle. On one half, you should have all vegetables! On the other half, again draw an imaginary line. In these two sections (each representing a quarter of your entire plate), aim to have a source of protein and a grain. This is your goal for every meal. But how do you divide up a casserole? Good point. It is not always going to be easy to divide into 50/25/25 but do your best to visualize the ratios and make sure vegetables are the focal point!
  1. Eat whole foods: Ask yourself the question, “Was this food previously living?” If you answer yes, that is a good sign. We want to eat less refined foods found in boxes or packages and more fresh food. If you do this, you do not have to worry about reading labels for additives like artificial sugars, MSG, colorings, etc.
  1. Be good 80-90% of the time: The most difficult aspect of any diet or program is staying on track every single day and every meal and snack and moment. If you allow yourself a bit of breathing room, you remove the guilt of having a cookie or a bowl of ice cream occasionally. The concept of “failure” is redefined and no longer associated with eating a snack.

Now, not all these rules work for everyone. If you feel that only a few of them fit with your lifestyle, start there and work at your own pace. These guidelines should serve as a great foundational starting point for eating healthy. The goal is to improve your health, but ultimately to simplify your life!

Wishing Good Health and Good Living Anna R. Dias N.D

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Love our bodies into Deep

Hi everyone, it has been a while since I have last posted. In the last couple of months, I have been contemplating on which topic to elaborate on. The truth of the matter is, we are bombarded with so much information, that follows us in different direction. So, I decided to reduce my posting in the hopes of a brighter, creative and inspiring approach. I will continue to forward all my latest products information and health articles.

This Month’s theme will be, how to love our bodies into deep. Each man and women have tried at least once to get rid of excess weight. Some have succeeded and others are still in the process. It can be exhausting to listen to all sort of gurus, programs and try every diet and still have no success, not to mention our time, money and energy being depleted.

Recently I attended a webinar on Calories in Calories out, it is mind blowing on how much money is spent on weight loss, it is estimated over 200 billion by this year.

What keeps reoccurring is the fact that most diets do not focus on the root cause of weight gain… a slow and damaged metabolism.

It is not just about the foods (like all those diets would have us believe) it has a lot to do with all the wear & tear of the actual metabolism over the years.

The metabolism is mainly made up of the brain (the hypothalamus, the master hormone conductor of the body) and the thyroid.

When our bodies are full of inflammation, toxins & stress—our natural organs are working poorly.

Pouring down shakes, swallowing oversized pills, and stressing our body out with lots of cardio, personal training, and boot camps makes the weight problem even worse.

Including oxidative stress.

Here are some of the reason why we do not lose the weight.

  • We have been suppressing a symptom or several, which is essentially shutting

down the body’s attempt to re-establish health.

  • We are putting a band aid on the pain, and not healing the root cause. Ex: headaches commonly due to pressure/inflammation, so we take an Advil to get rid of the pain, but we are unconsciously creating further inflammation to the body.
  • Accumulation of toxins is a prime example of physiological challenges that leads to development of

So how do we fix this?

We must heal these organs and send the body the right signals for there to be any hope of letting go of the fat. We need to be aware that fat is inherently protective, if we hope to lose it, we must first lose whatever our fat is protecting us from, either starvation, hypothermia, injury, toxins or emotional pain. It is important to target the underlining cause!

Healing these organs and resetting the metabolism is exactly what a Metabolic Reset specializes in.

The result is the body is finally able to quickly let go of the inflammatory fat.

All while energy levels increase and chronic aches and pains diminish or resolve.

This not only results in the body letting go of fat quickly, but also more energy, more clarity of thinking, more freedom to move without any pain and people feeling like themselves again.

For those who want to finally release all the weight, keep it off for good, and feel like their real selves again, a Metabolic Reset may be the answer.

In the end, whatever we are struggling with, ridding toxic waste from our bodies takes precedent, over self-medicating. Our number one priority should be caring for ourselves and find a medium to a healthier lifestyle.

Wishing Good Health and Good Living Anna R. Dias N.D

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7 great habits to use in Aromatherapy

The senses, by far, are the most effective when it comes to the benefits of pure essential oils since many of my childhood memories still linger. For example, my mom’s cooking every Sunday ritual, I remember the smell of chicken baked in the oven with the aroma wafting through the house, spices of rosemary, and orange. All our senses play a major role in our well-being, even to relieving a stressful situation. When it come to the inhalation of essential oils, scent is registered via both olfactory and limbic systems of the brain in the hypothalamus region. This promotes effects on different levels of the human psyche, including the memory and mental aspects. In this way, essential oils can trigger pleasant and unpleasant memories, uplift or play down on the emotions. Oils also find their way more quickly into the bloodstream and organs through the inhalation process.

Aromatherapy is said, it should not be considered a miracle cure for serious emotional issues, the use of essential oils may assist, and sometimes greatly, with emotional issue or states. Proper use of essential oils enhances your emotional outlook and provide support and help balance your emotions during the day.

Essential oils are comprised of naturally occurring chemicals that work in synergy with one another. Because essential oils evaporate quickly (known as being “volatile”), their molecules are easily inhaled.

Where can we use essential oils?

  1. Full Body massage
  2. Specific pain areas; ex; stress migraine (rub the temples)
  3. Bath, relaxation
  4. Rubbing feet (many beneficial effects) reduce stress, anxiety, balance
  5. Inhalation (put a few drops on pillow) better sleep, tissue (Kleenex)
  6. In the car
  7. Compress (body, facial) Use a flannel

 Among many Essential oils there are a few I like to work with. The first one

  • Orange oil/

Blends well with most E.O; (bergamot, clove, ginger, sandalwood

Helps balance emotions, positive outlook, anger management and great for winter blues,

Helps build confidence, Reduce anxiety, irritability. 2-*Avoid use in sun, dilute well. Bergamot.

One of my favorite E.O; It helps all emotions, it is uplifting, normalizes emotions, confidence builder, loneliness, insecurities.

 Bergamot and geranium: blends well with (Roman chamomile, lemongrass, Jasmin, bergamot)

  • Geranium; Anti-inflammatory, fungal great for depression, fear, brings a sense of happiness and peace, stress
  • Lavender aspic: great for cuts, insect bites, antibacterial, antiviral, Blends well; citrus oils, patchouli, rosemary, geranium, clary sage.

Emotions: panic attack, reduce stress, anxiety, enhances intuition, clears negative energy, promotes clarity.

  • Peppermint; stimulant, analgesic (in alcohol), anti-microbial Blends well; lavender,

Peppermint* Avoid while pregnant, dilute well.

Emotions: Vitalizing, refreshing, increase alertness, cooling, great for concentration and focus.

  • Forest Nordica complex blend (Pine, Balsam): Anti-bacteria, great for colds,

Wishing Good Health and Good Living Anna R. Dias N.D

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A little more Oxygen!

I would like to talk about the importance of oxygen and cleansing our cells.

At some time in our lives we have mired in a perpetually negative mindset, constantly feeling stressed, and our food choices does not help. Pizza, fast food, sweets and soda leaves us addicted to sugar and plagued with tiredness and mood swings.

Contributing to this vicious circle, are antibiotics which are recommended mostly to help fight an infection. The truth is antibiotic has its place, at times necessary and especially useful in certain medical conditions such as treating ulcers in the colon(intestine) and other class treatments such as bacterial infection, respiratory disease. BUT! What is it doing to our bodies? Are there other choices?

The fact is if our blood is oxidized by nitrite from foods, mostly (cured meat) and sulfonamides, which are antibiotics prescribed. The transit between our blood and cell is poisoned by harmful metals or lack of essential fatty acid or mitochondria cell being destroyed (known has the powerhouses of the cell).

This Powerhouse cell takes in nutrients from the cell, breaks it down, and turns it into energy. This energy is then in turn used by the cell to carry out various functions. If the powerhouse cell is destroyed from lack of nutrients or an abundance of antibiotics, oxygen can no longer transport blood to our cell, therefore produces less energy. (Gerson, 2001)

Now what? Our bodies are a sophisticated machine that is doing one million things at the same time, so we owe it to our bodies to take care of it, if not it will eventually break down.

Here are tips to help increase energy flow and detoxification.

  • Staying hydrated is essential for every bodily function, including cell metabolism, toxin removal, digestion, body temperature, and others. As far as cellular metabolism, however, staying hydrated must occur because all nutrients, oxygen, and more are moved through the cell membranes to the inner workings of the cells. The bottom line is that lack of proper hydration can adversely affect cells and cellular reactions, quickly leading to a state of ungealth.
  • Keep a balance between potassium and sodium; potassium is an electrolyte which serves to conduct electricity in the body so that the body’s cells, tissues, and organs work as they should. The problem is that most people get only about half of the potassium they need daily (Rubin, 2012)
  • Be aware of deep breathing; “We depend on air for our survival. More specifically, we depend on oxygen to breathe. Without it, we would die. However,

with it, we thrive. Enough oxygen must reach the tiny cells throughout our body to feed them, giving them the energy necessary for life. (The Oxygen machine, 2018). Here is a video of deep breathing : features/videos/breathing-exercises-4-7-8-breath/#

  • Boost the immune system with natural antibiotics, raw honey, oregano oil, apple cider vinegar, colloidal silver, garlic, ginger. Important!! some immune booster must not be taken when are white blood cells count are low. Look for products that are immune modulator’s
  • Go Back to the basic; drink water(500ml) with chlorophyll every morning and take enough fiber during the day. This helps the intestines to have a clear pathway to eliminate toxins more efficiently and to oxygenate the cells. 30gr of fiber per day soluble and insoluble.

In conclusion, a fit body can absorb more oxygen. A body that is not overweight also needs less oxygen. Fitness combined with a healthy and balanced diet is the true secret of having a healthy life!”

Wishing Good Health and Good Living Anna R. Dias N.D

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Hello, in the last month I have attended an event called Manage your energy not your time, and I have gained valuable insight that I would like to share with you all.

Most of us respond to life demands by putting in longer hours which inevitably take a toll on us, physically, mentally, emotionally, and is energy depleting.

So, what can we change evidently to help gain energy and manage our time in a sustainable way?

Establishing simple rituals,

  • Expressing appreciation to others, is a powerful ritual that fuels positive emotions, it seems to be as beneficial to the giver as to the receiver, it can take the form of a handwritten note, call or a conversation. In my experiences expressing gratitude helps reclaim your energy, when we think positive, it seems easier to shift our focus towards the next task , on the other hand, when we think or speak negative the emotion is distributed poorly, making that emotion the focal point of the day. Let me explain, if we say something kind to someone, most of the time they will react with a smile or a sense of love, hence the energy will be felt in abundance and positiveness will be carried throughout the day. But, if the reverse should happen and you are boorish with someone, the reactive response might be negative, hence causing a ripple of events to be negative.
  • Focusing on one thing at time: It has been said that anyone focused on one task at a time will obtain better concentration and higher Focusing on one thing frees up space in our mind to store all the inside story associated with our one goal. Also, it brings more productivity. Instead of channeling our complete focus and energy into one task, we spread it thin, which prevents us from diving deep into any one of our tasks. When we multitask, we do a mediocre job of everything. In 2010, Harvard psychologists Matthew Killingsworth and Daniel Gilbert discovered that 47% of our waking hours are spent thinking about something totally unrelated to what’s currently right in front of us. Although, our brains may initially resist single tasking because it is less stimulating. Single- tasking helps us build up our attention muscle, because every time we rein our attention back in, we work out our attention muscle, and develop our executive functioning such as flexible thinking memory, planning- prioritizing, task initiation and planning.
  • Spend time on activities that give you a sense of purpose. When there is a sense of purpose on what you are doing, it raises a great deal of satisfaction in the physical level (increasing dopamine and serotonin) which creates happier selves’ and connections to a higher spiritual level. The happier we are, the better we can perform and live in alignment with what you truly value.

In the long haul conserving our energy and stepping into these rituals can help us get closer to our health goals and manage our daily grind in a more productive way, therefore giving us the freedom to build healthier choices. As mundane as these rituals can be, putting them into practice has made a positive difference in my daily life and I hope I can inspire others to the same.

I will be taking a break from blogging and will be back with new posts in the fall Sept. Please feel free to send me, any comments on topics that anyone wishes for me to elaborate in my next posts.

Wishing Good Health and Good Living Anna R. Dias N.D

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Living longer through holistic Nutrition

Joy, companionship, and connection and all the best parts of life do not only happen when you are young.

Quote by, Cameron Diaz.

How we live our lives, eat, sleep and move is the fundamental threads from which our human experiences are woven, and they are our strength as we age. I believe most people are aware that eating well contribute to a better quality of life, but do not pay enough attention to this realm. Reason being, their busy lives and other prioritization. Well! what if I say, that are no 1 priority should be health/nutrition, so we can live longer happy life.

The good News, today’s generation is surrounded by much healthy apparatus; natural health magazine, eating healthier, natural products, supplements/ vitamins, organic produce, gluten free diet, soy base, vegan, macrobiotic food, Atkins diet, eating for your blood type and the list goes on. IT IS THE new Wave!

Smoking and drinking in bar’s are a thing of the past. The new era is staying fit, juicing

in studio bar’s, practicing Yoga, body movement and meditation.

So, how do we balance it all, stay connected, work, stay healthy, take care of family and include pleasure in our lives.  It is all interconnected, being in tuned with our body, mind and emotions, should take precedence. If something is off balance, we will feel it in our body (the physical), if our attitude and thoughts is constantly negative instead of positive, this can be a sign that there is something off balance, like wise our emotions.

How well we self-regulate emotions is a healthy choice, feeling angry is natural but how well we process the emotion can make a difference. We all deserve to live a full life!

It has been said that someone who is sedentary is unhealthier than someone who smokes and exercise. I am not suggesting continuing smoking but simply to see how important movement can be. The experiences you have, the places you live, the choices you make can alter the way your genes are expressed. (Dr. Crosswell 2019.)

To upkeep healthy eating can be challenging, not to mention the uncontrollable cravings, sugar rush, that can be experienced in our diets. The Question that most people ask is, what should I eat? I say it is all relative! But before I give out some tips, Know this! It is imperative to combine sleeping well and moving (30 min a day) with the nutrients we will eat.

The First step is to understand that certain foods we ingest in our bodies nourishes our cells and gives us energy. Likewise, some foods can create excess toxin in our bodies which makes us feel sluggish, tired, leads to minor symptoms, general poor health, disease and our state of death.

Holistic Nutrition is having enough molecules /nutrients to run the body properly, help grow, maintain, repair and prevent incorporation of toxic molecule. So, what are the key components to healthier eating.

  • Eat clean foods: make sure you get enough vegetables and fruits from the right source. I like to pick up my fruits and vegetables at a local store or at a farmer’s market. I notice the taste is much more authentic. Stay away from processed or artificial ingredients, if you are not familiar with the ingredient, chances it is a not good for you or
  • Eat enough protein per day according to your weight: Protein is extremely important at all ages, especially growing older it helps keep our muscles strong, rebuilds muscle after a workout, and helps maintain bone mass. Also, our body can’t store protein over long periods the way it can store fat (or store carbohydrates as fat) Since we can’t rely on protein stores, we must make a point to eat protein at every meal to give our muscles the building blocks they need for repair and
  • Get some important supplements such as a good Multi mineral -vitamin, with enough vitamin C, and Magnesium: Eating right might not be enough!! Chances are we need to replenish our bodies to make up for daily life stressors, furthermore the insufficient nutrients in our soil. Unless we are eating organic and farming ourselves, only then our nutrients can be higher and less toxic. Let us not forget all the toxins we ingest in our daily routine, which might have chemicals such as shampoo, soaps, perfumes, makeup, detergent, nail polish, house
  • Eat foods that are rich in nutrients: for instance, if we look at the value of nutrients in a slice of white bread vs a sprouted bread. White bread is considered to be refined meaning a complex carb The main difference between simple and complex carbohydrates is that simple carbohydrates are quickly digested and absorbed by the body ex; increase our insulin level in our blood, whereas complex carbohydrates take time to be digested. There is a big difference!
  • Cook your food appropriately: the way we cook our foods can make a difference – in how many nutrients are washed out. For instance, minerals are depleted by cooking in water although some nutrients are liberated when cooked such as sweet potato. There are other nutrients that is worth looking at with similar attributes as sweet
  • Enjoy the food you are eating: Food is necessary, nourishing, tasty and enjoyable. Tasty, healthy, nutritious food carries us longer and so we can ofteneat less of it. When our mealtimes become about mindfulness, pleasure, and self- care, we are less likely to “act out” and make unhealthy choices, overeat, eat mindlessly, or otherwise sabotage ourselves and our health. Listen to your body – you know what you like, and you typically know when you have had enough.

Learn to stop then. Instead of saying “no” to good food, say no to “too much.”

  • Identify with the energy and synergy of how foods, herbs and supplements effect your body:

There is so much more to be said on Holistic nutrition, it is a journey, along with a wonderful experience to create healthier bodies which we can connect through, healthier hearts, moods, brain and most of all fight the diseases of aging. The trinity of Nutrition, movement and sleep, is the most important tool to protect ourselves as we age, it promotes cellular growth, repair and energy production. Yes!! There are struggles, and disappointment on a road less traveled although, we will be better equipped to manage whatever challenges come our way, if strength is on our side at the outset. I hope to continue to inspire my public, community and family to reach their true potential and live a freer life. Much Gratitude!

Wishing Good Health and Good Living Anna R. Dias N.D

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Hone Your Body

A new time of the year, the weather warms up, the sun sets later and later each day, our moods instantly brightens, and it is the season to recharge.

Cleansing the body is a great way to help eliminate toxins from our organs, including to help repair, revitalize and prevent disease. Therefore, there is a huge emphasis in the naturopathy field for purification of the system. We are what we eat!

As we know there are different means of elimination through the body such as kidney’s, liver, lymphatic system, colon, blood, skin and lungs. And the importance to keep the body tuned up and unclogged, is a major factor to reduce chronic ailments. Since, there are so many new products in the market to cleanse our bodies, choosing the most suitable one can be challenging.

So, I have decided to list some primary items that we should always keep in our pantry or fridge, to ease the cleansing process and create a better-quality life starting now.

Let us go through some of the important sources, which I believe can make a difference in our everyday health.

  • The good old table salt, what is salt and what we should look for in a

Facts: Table salt is more heavily processed to eliminate minerals and usually contains an additive to prevent clumping.         Sea salt and table salt have the same basic nutritional

value, even though sea salt is often promoted as being healthier. Sea salt and table salt contain comparable amounts of sodium by weight.

What about Pink Himalayan salt?

As you can see, table salt may have more sodium, but pink Himalayan salt contains more calcium, potassium, magnesium and iron. Nevertheless, the amounts of these minerals in pink Himalayan salt are very, very small. Refined salt lacks minerals and causes acidosis (lowered pH). Our bodies were meant to function optimally with adequate mineral levels and adequate salt intake. Conventional refined table salt (the

white salt most of us grew up using) simply doesn’t give your body the minerals it needs to most effectively use sodium. So how do we take pleasure from eating, as well as reap the benefits. There are plenty of alternative salts, low sodium salts, spice herbs. Still, their times we all need to use real salt. I am yet to see, a home that does not carry salt. It is mostly the old fashion regular table salt, sea salt or even iodized salt, some others going through a conscientious path are using a higher quality salt.

What about unrefined salt?

Unrefined sea salt has become increasingly mainstream in the last few years, and its fans rave constantly about it—specifically, about its preferable flavour as well as its health benefits.

Unrefined salts contain several essential mineral electrolytes that improve hydration which is not included in refined salts.

  • Raw honey (unpasteurised)

If you are wondering why it is important.

Fact: Sugar is higher on the glycemic index (GI) than honey, meaning it raises blood sugar levels more quickly. This is due to its higher fructose content, and the absence of trace minerals. But honey has slightly more calories than sugar, although it is sweeter, so less may be required. (reference)

Since, most people feel the need for some sugar in their daily lives including those struggling with hypoglycaemia and weight problems, that constantly crave for sugar. We must understand, any sweeteners added, might worsen our cravings, increase your insulin level in our blood, body aging and even be detrimental to your immune system.

Everything is a balance, our bodies function optimally with 25g of sugar per day. Be ready to have on your kitchen counter a bottle of raw honey, it is the best substitute if you must have some sugar and is best eaten with large meal, not alone or between meals.

*Important to know, raw honey should not be given to children under 2 years of age.

  • Olive oil and Olive leaf

It is no surprise; cold pressed olive oil should be what we are using at home. Although, Cooking oils, olive in particular, are very commonly mislabelled as being higher quality than they are, or adulterated with other, cheaper oils that are not identified, a practice that dates back to ancient Rome. So, it is important to shop around, look at the various products which have proper testing and ensure what is written on the label is really in the bottle. Do the research!! It might take a few hours or days but in the long run, the outcome will be a favourable one.

Facts: Olive oil and olive leaf extract “are both products of the olive plant, but the leaves contain much higher concentrations of the therapeutic substance oleuropein than is found in the fruit where the oil is derived. (Passler, 2018)

Surely there are many other sources equally important in carrying out a healthy body and mind. Nevertheless, it is a start of a solid foundation with a more natural, simple, continuation of self- transformation. Certainly, it can help ease other heights of cleansing.

Wishing Good Health and Good Living Anna R. Dias N.D

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