Hypnotherapy Helps Man with Memorization Skills

by Carol Henderson, Certified Hypnotherapist and EFT Practitioner

He came in carrying two large technical books that he had to read and practically memorize in order to keep his job. He showed me some of the pages while telling me how hard it was for him to remember ?dry facts?. He kept using that term throughout his explanation of why he had come to see a hypnotist.

He was a computer technician for a large company. He had worked there for many years keeping the computers humming. Now a new supervisor wanted him to be officially certified to do the work he was already doing. This caused a great amount of anxiety in my client. He could not read the books. He kept reading the same paragraph over and over with little or no comprehension. He was looking for a new job.

It was interesting to me, that even though he said he was this way all of his life, that he used to be interested in baseball statistics. To me, baseball statistics are dry facts, but not to him. I was thinking that if you can learn some dry facts related to some subjects, but not others, there was a reason. I needed to get to that reason.

In hypnosis, I regressed him back to the reason for his hatred of dry facts. He easily regressed to second grade. He had just moved to a new school. He didn’t know his addition and subtraction facts as well as everyone else in the class. He had to stay in at recess to take time tests until he got them memorized. Everyone else was out playing baseball, which he loved. 

This was it. It all fit. I had him go back to that little boy as his present-day self, and comfort him. He stayed in with the boy and helped him with the facts. Present-day self complimented him, encouraged him, and told him he loved the little boy whether he learned these facts or not. We stayed with this memory, and other similar times when he had to study something he didn’t want to, until all the uncomfortable feelings were released.

I did a little direct suggestion that he would enjoy reading and learning the facts in these books, that he would easily be able to focus on the material, and commit it to memory. I suggested that he take frequent breaks to spend time watching sports, or even playing sports.

He easily passed the certification tests!

Carol Henderson, Certified Hypnotherapist and EFT Practitioner
New Day Hypnotherapy, LLC, Kansas City Area