Prevention of Arthritis

Dr. Jimmy Steger

How can we prevent arthritis, and if we have arthritis, how can we heal it?  First of all, let’s look at some of the causes of arthritis.   People eat denatured foods that have been canned, preserved, packaged, and nuked by the microwave; there are no vitamins and minerals left in them.  The joints need minerals in order to stay lubricated and healthy.  The joints are lined with a substance called lymph fluid.  The lymph fluid is the same fluid that makes up our tears when we cry.  Have you ever tasted your tears?  They are very salty.  Organic sodium is necessary to keep the lymph healthy.  Organic sodium helps to hold calcium in the bone.  When calcium comes out of the bone, crystals form in the joints causing pain, inflammation and swelling.  Soon the joints become enlarged and hardened.

Some people think they need to eat a lot of salt, especially after reading this article. However, this is far from the truth.  Table salt (sodium chloride) dries up the lymph fluid in the body.  This salt is much different from natural, organic sodium.  Table salt is made from salt rocks and is mined from the earth and it is impossible for the body to absorb.  Some people use sea salt in place of table salt.  Most sea salt does come from the sea, however, it has been heated to high temperatures and all the minerals are destroyed.  In order to get natural, organic sodium into the body we must get it from plants or from goat whey, or goat’s milk.  Plants stretch their roots far into the earth and absorb the salt that is there and transmute it into a form that we can absorb correctly.

Goats eat these plants and the organic sodium goes into their milk.  Goat whey is the clear fluid that is in the milk.  It is separated from the milk solids during the cheese making process and is very rich in organic sodium.  I personally prescribe putting all my arthritis patients on goat milk or goat whey to help dissolve the arthritic crystals and help to be absorbed by the bone.  However, they should also consider a good diet change in order to allow this process to work in conjunction with extra glucosamine, chondroitin, and MSM.

The organic sodium in goat whey also helps to relieve inflammation in the joints.  Goat mineral whey can be taken in either a powder form or an encapsulated form.  The first cause of arthritis is neglecting to consume the foods we need that are high in organic sodium, and organic minerals.  The second cause is consuming foods that actually drain the body of the calcium, sodium minerals, and B vitamins that are already there in the first place.  Some of the foods that do this are: Coffee, table salt, refined sugar, American tea, sodas, chocolate, and nutra-sweet.  In order to process these unnatural foods the body has to use up its reserves of calcium, sodium, vitamins and minerals and these unnatural foods have no nutrients to give back to the body.  In time, the body becomes deficient in these nutrients.

The third cause of arthritis is long-term stress.  Stress causes the body to burn up nutrients very rapidly and if one is not eating properly to replace these nutrients, arthritis can occur.  B vitamins in the body and organic sodium are the first elements to be used up under stress.  Without natural sodium in the body inflammation takes place. Without B vitamin the nervous system and the adrenal glands become weak.  Stress weakens the adrenal glands so they are no longer able to create normal amounts of cortisol. A lack of cortisol also causes inflammation.  When people go to their regular doctor for arthritis they usually receive cortisone and it may reduce their symptoms for a while.  However, if they don’t change their diet or lifestyle and continue taking the cortisone, they can and will have very bad side effects.

To prevent arthritis or to help it heal, one needs organic sodium and all the B vitamins in the form of a B complex.  Foods high in sodium are: Celery, dark green leafy vegetables, dandelion greens, beet tops, okra, and strawberries, along with goat whey.  Foods high in B vitamins are brown rice, brown rice syrup, rice bran, oats, brews yeast, almonds and alfalfa.  Alfalfa tablets are high in B vitamins and minerals.  They are also high in chlorophyll that cleanses the blood and liver and fiber that cleanses the bowls.  Because of all the wonderful nutrients in alfalfa tablets, they have been known to help arthritis tremendously.  Glucosamine, chondroitin, and MSM all help to support the joints and build healthy connective tissue as well.  White willow bark, aloe vera juice, and tumeric also help to relieve inflammation and pain.  Hyaluronic acid is a new player on the scene and is very important to overall joint health and beauty as well. Remember if you or someone you know has arthritis, nutrition and a good supplement program is the only way to get your health back.

Until next time,  Stay Healthy!

Dr. Jimmy Steger

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