The Harmonic Horse

by Patricia Cleveland


Horses and quantum philosophies are an unusual thread of thought but we are using them without realizing their potential. We have relied on faith and science as we strive to gain an edge that supports our goals and our pocket books.  International scientists are discussing the electric body and the living universe; something that horsemen have been actively involved with for generations.

You may find these books interesting: The Electric Body and The Biology of Believe. They challenge the established scientific models of Newton and Darwin, by offering empirical evidence justifying the concept of the living universe. This super ecosystem includes interdependent energy base relationships that form a network of opposing charges which influence the lives of every living organism, including horses.

Research demonstrates the impact of the body’s electric/magnet fields. The internal and external environments adapt on the cellular level, to factors of stress or relaxation. The research suggests that bodies act like TV antennas, pulling in suitable frequencies from the surroundings. The compatible environmental frequencies support the body’s state of wellness as polarized electric/magnetic charge balances the body’s processes. A disruption or alteration in these frequencies affects the biological harmonics, producing hormonal shifts creating emotions of depression, manic joy, anxiety and fear. Long term imbalance produces degenerative patterns that degrade the quality and longevity of life. This holds true for any living organism

From homeopathic remedies to energy healings, this invisible network is easily employed. Without understanding the interdependent relationships of the living universe, researchers are unaware and disconnect the test subject from its organic power source. Much like watching TV, and someone unplugged the set. Using the laws of science, it should be noted, “Nothing can exist without interaction with its environment.” (Newton’s first statement in Natural Law, simplified). Any research relating to holistic or energy-based modalities requires a complete universal model including organic forms of energy.

Moving horses from a natural environment alters the energetic body systems. Artificial supplements, devices, therapies, aides and drugs force the body to adapt, becoming reliant on continued human support to maintain the perfect artificial horse. History documents the cascading process of weakened immune systems, emotional outbursts, painful resistance, degenerative and physical states as the body adapts to the limited access to the power source of the living universe. Apply the concepts of the energy network to your horse and watch what happens.

Detoxifying the body twice a year, just like vaccination, is important. Supporting the conductive qualities of the body engages the natural homeostatic process of balance and regeneration. This new discussion of the “harmonic horse”, offers answers to for the modern horseman. There is a New Science of the Horse which includes experience and knowledge of the past, present and future.

Patricia, the founder of Equilology™, and Balanced Horse Project™, is a radio host, international speaker, trainer, and horse industry consultant, based out of Dothan, AL. Visit