Health, Metaphysical and Book Stores in Colorado

Flip Flop Bead Shop
34375 US-285
located at the intersection of 285 and 126
Pine, CO 80470
We carry great selection of beads, gemstones, minerals, healing crystals, stones (including rough stones), fossils, and jewelry.  Metaphysical products including smudge sticks, Palo Santo sticks and oils, incense, essential oils, Tibetan bowls and more.  We also have clothing, bath & body items, salt lamps, unique home decor and gift items.  Visit us often to see new offerings! 
Holistic Health Center
305 Main Street
Fort Morgan, Colorado 80701
Holistic Health Center was created with the intention of helping others understand the food/mood connection. By creating balance, you restore order and discover good health and vitality. Jo-Anne is the director of Holistic Health Center. As lecturer, writer and professional consultant, Jo-Anne has helped thousands to regain their health, overcome fear and create a whole new life.
NH Mineral Palace
Call for an appointment
204 Randolph St.
Pritchett, Colorado 81064
Radiation Hormesis therapy stones. Low-dose radiation has been shown to enhance biological responses for immune systems, enzymatic repair, physiological functions, and the removal of cellular damage, including prevention and removal of cancers, fungus and other diseases. These healing energy stones are extremely rare and are only available through Night Hawk.
Yan Jing Supply
1441 York Street
Yan Jing Supply began as a small supply store for area acupuncturists and students of Chinese Medicine and Massage Therapy. Today, we are proud to be one of Denver’s largest Chinese pharmacies. We also carry massage and acupuncture supplies and a wide variety of Chinese Herbs, needles, massage creams, liniments, oils, books, charts, acupuncture needles, massage tables and more!