Health and Wellness Classes & Workshops: California

Academy of Chinese Culture and Health Sciences offers classes
Oakland, CA
ACCHS is the third-oldest TCM school in the United States and it remains one of the few colleges teaching classical Chinese medicine as it is practiced in China, including acupuncture, Tui Na and acupressure, moxibustion, herbal prescription, Taiji (tai-chi), and meditation. We also offer CE courses. Drop by anytime or visit on our open house dates to see classes we offer to the community.
An Awakening Center offers Transformational Classes
Encino, CA
Helaine Z. Harris offers a variety of holistic healing seminars. Learn about EFT, Hypnosis and other therapies. Learn ways to Declutter your brain, Clear emotional debris with Helaine’s 4 Step Transforming Process, Release beliefs and thoughts holding you back, Make room for new beliefs, Magnetize the success and abundance you desire! Continuing Education Credits on some classes too.
Animal Reiki Source Classes and Training Programs
San Rafael, CA
Classes and internships at Animal Reiki Source focus on working with animals. Kathleen Prasad offers workshops in person, with teleclasses and correspondence courses, for people who know Reiki, as well as free introductory programs for people who would like to learn Reiki. Check out our new downloadable animal meditation course. On-site training is also available for Bay Area animal organizations.
Awakenings Bookstore classes and events
Laguna Hills, CA
Awakenings Metaphysical Bookstore offers a wide spectrum of classes and workshops throughout the week, including meditation, yoga, crystals, astrology, channeling and much more. Check our schedule for a wide variety of enlightening self-help classes and healing workshops. Book signings and ongoing events too.
Bauman College of Holistic Nutrition offers certificate program classes
Berkeley, CA
Established in 1989, Bauman College offers comprehensive, affordable education in holistic nutrition and culinary arts. We believe that nutrition is a powerful tool in the creation and maintenance of optimal health, prevention of disease, and healing of chronic illness. Nutrition Consultant and Natural Chef training programs are offered online and at our locations in Northern California.
Center for Neuroacoustic Research offers classes
Carlsbad, CA
Dr. Jeffrey Thompson offers seminars on Vibro-Acoustic Peak Performance, Sound Therapy, Meditation, Mega Learning, Personal Transformation and other Tri-fold healing methods. Learn to heal the body, heart, mind and spirit with Sound. Now offering Holistic Practitioner Certification Course. See website for details.
Dr. Kerbs gives seminars on Holistic Dental Options
Escondido, CA
Dr. Kerbs is available for lectures and seminars on safe mercury removal, mercury free dentistry, laser therapy options, sleep apnea and snoring treatments, and alternative cosmetic dental treatments. Contact the office for details.
Dr. Sandra Kamiak offers Healing The Healer workshops
Saratoga, CA
This workshop allows you to consciously step out of your role of giving to others, to refocus inwardly to your source of peace, nurturance, joy, serenity, creativity and rejuvenation. You will also have an opportunity to empower yourself through transmuting personal roadblocks (negative patterns and thoughts) that limit ones abilities.
Elivia Melodey offers Mediumship, Crystal Healing Classes and Singing Bowl Events
Elivia Melodey
San Marcos, CA
Offering ongoing workshops in spiritual growth. mediumship and psychic development, crystal healing, sound healing and energy work. Singing Crystal Bowl concerts and events too. A multi-faceted trance medium, Rev. Elivia Melodey is available throughout the USA by request.
Garcia Ennergetics – Seminars and Training with Dr. Garcia
San Diego, CA. also available in Hawaii
“The body can heal itself.” Dr. Garcia is the creator and instructor of Garcia Ennergetics: Harmonizing Energy Intuitively. He teaches transformational intuitive seminars in which he addresses how to: Empower Your Own Intuitive Abilities, Learn to Clear Intuitive blocks, Scan and Track Energy Patterns, Pinpoint What is Causing a Body’s Imbalances & Resolving the Energetic Deficiencies.
Group Angel Channelings and Telepathy Circles
San Diego, CA
You will learn how to ‘Read’ other’s energy, protect your own energy, and practice your unique Intuitive and Psychic Skills. You will become more skilled at Hearing your Spiritual Guidance, Creating more Prosperity and more fully Living your Highest Life Purpose.
Health & Wellness Lectures with Gail Freedman
North Hollywood, CA
Seminars available by request on nutrition, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Feng Shui and other health related topics. Contact 818-808-0889 to schedule. Gail Freedman is a member of the Doctor’s Speakers Bureau.
Marsha Bakko Healing Arts offers art classes
Carlsbad, CA
Acrylic Pour Art classes. You will be creating two 8″ x 10″ masterpieces. All materials included. Group and private classes offered. Gift Certificates also available – give the gift of an Acrylic Pour Art class!
Medical Intuitive Training
Los Angeles, CA
Medical Intuition offers a powerful intuitive skill set for fast, accurate health assessments and is a growing area of expertise for healthcare providers. Learn pinpoint visualization skills and in-depth intuitive scanning to identify the root causes of imbalance, illness and disease. This fast-track training provides a revolutionary new perspective in mind/body medicine. See website for classes offered.
Meditation workshops with Dr. Jonathan Parker, Personal Transformation Counselor
Ojai, CA
I use a variety of unique meditation methods I discovered and refined over more than 40 years of teaching. Each day I will guide you with 4 or 5 meditations to help you release stuck patterns, karmic patterns, and ego struggles. Learn to be empowered, release many of your deepest emotional & spiritual blocks, and connect with the enlightened aspect of your Soul.
Pam Booth offers healing workshops
Laguna Hills, CA
Energy Healing is a holistic, natural method of shifting subconscious thoughts and beliefs, which are energy. ReSet physical Issues release what no longer serves you; illness, disease, chronic conditions, pain, fears of viruses, bacteria, disease, negative impacts of injuries or medical procedures. Family Entanglements: release the energetic connections between you, and your family and ancestors that are holding you back. Learn Past Life Regression techniques to access past lives.
Self-Awareness Weekend Counseling Program
Sacramento, CA
Monthly focused counseling program that clears away the root cause of your issues, not just the symptoms in only 48 hours. Problems like anger, anxiety, addictions, abuse of any kind, depression, divorce, fear, stress, grief, relationship problems, marriage counseling, unresolved childhood issues, traumas, or self-sabotaging problem(s) are addressed for individuals, couples and mature teenagers.
Stress Less, Anxiety, Chronic Pain & Emotional Healing Seminars
Pasadena and Newport Beach, CA
The A Treatment Center offers seminars on reducing anxiety, learning tools to manage anger, deep relaxation and spiritual searching. We incorporate all 5 senses in the healing process allowing body, mind and spirit to come into alignment and find the Truth of who you were meant to be and direct the path of your journey.
The Clairvoyance School offers Local Workshops
Escondido and Encinitas, CA
Clairvoyance school provides around 150 free online lessons about the clairvoyant point of view. You are already clairvoyant; you just might have a bag over your head preventing you from “seeing”. Local workshops in Escondido and Encinitas.
Tibetan Healing Center Classes and Events
San Diego, Costa Mesa and San Rafael, CA
Tibetan Healing Center is the first in North America featuring a tradition Tibetan Physician, Dr. Lobsang Dhondup and Research on Multiple Scleroses and Re-generation. Other services, Reiki treatments plus training for 1&2, Past life Integration, Core Healing, Acupuncture, Kundalini Yoga, Dharma Teachings, Tibetan Astrology and meditation classes and special events.