Health and Wellness Classes & Workshops: Illinois

Alternative Soulutions offers Reiki and natural wellness & healing classes
Plainfield, IL
Classes available in Reiki, Sound Healing, EFT, Expanding Your Intuition, Your Natural Healing Power, Chakra & Color Healing and other creative wellness topics. Check website calendar for details or call Linda at 815-546-9391.
Dr. Elizabeth Laskonis offers classes in Kinesiology and Parasitology
McHenry, IL
Classes in various topics of natural health, Kinesiology and Parasitology with Dr. Elizabeth Laskonis. One of her specialties is identifying and cleansing various parasites in the body. These sometimes microscopic creatures can be responsible for a host of various health problems. See VIEW button for more information. Contact her at 815-861-9871 for details.
Lillian Flowers offers classes
Lillian Flowers
available in MT and IL
A dynamic Teacher and Lecturer, Lillian uses her humor and intuition to bring forth transformation. Topics include the Energy of Emotions, Bringing Passion into Your Life, and Redefining Your Future. Her Abundance Workshop is not to be missed. Other classes include Akashic records, sacred geometry, astral travel, gifts of the Spirit and more. See website for details.
The Chakra Shoppe offers classes
Chicago, IL
Join us for self-empowering and healing classes. Blanche Blacke’s School of Chakra Consciousness offers an in-depth chakra self-healing program that can lead to certification as a chakra analycist and healer. Yoga Nidra, Mala Mantra Chant, Learn the Tarot, Aura and space clearing, Akashic Records Reading Certification and more are offered. Check store website for schedule and details.
Why Can’t I Get Well??
Illinois locations. Also available throughout the US & Internationally by request
Dr. Matejka speaks throughout the United States, as well as internationally. Topics include STOP YOUR PAIN NOW, Brain, Endocrine, Digestive, Immune, & AutoImmune, Fatigue, Sleep Issues, Heavy Metals, Chemical Sensitivities & Many more. Contact us if you want Dr. Matejka to speak at any of your upcoming events.