Hypnotherapy Helps Overcome Self-Imposed Limitations

by Carol Henderson, Certified Hypnotherapist and EFT Practitioner

This reminds me of another, similar situation where a client couldn’t do the math that he needed to get a promotion at work. He said he used to be a math whiz when he was in grade school, but that as he got older it became harder and harder for him to understand. He explained that he was more artistic and right brained. He mostly did creative writing, completely staying away from any science or math.

When he was regressed, he went to a time in the summer between seventh and eighth grade. This was before I was aware that the initial sensitizing event is usually before the age of seven, but it seemed to fit, and I went with it. His father was the high school football coach. He was playing around on the bleachers while his father was coaching. He fell to the ground when he tripped on something, up on the bleachers, and hit his head on a cooler on the ground. He said he had a brain injury from the fall and couldn’t do math after that.

Having been a teacher, I know that math gets much harder in eighth grade, so I suspected that maybe it was harder for him just because in middle school you have to show the work doing a math problem, you can’t just put down the answer. It gets harder for many people, and you really have to study hard to keep up. He noticed a difference, in his abilities, and thought it was because of the fall.

So, I asked what they said at the hospital. He said they didn’t go to the hospital, his dad just cancelled practice and they went home. I figured if there were brain damage, they would have gone to the hospital.

I had him ask his higher self if he had brain damage from that fall, or for that matter, if there was anything at all wrong with his brain. He got the answer that, ?No, there is nothing physically wrong with your mind or brain.? He had always thought that it was impossible for him to learn math after that accident. But, now he realized that his younger self just assumed that. He never talked to anyone about it who could have explained it to him. Now, in hypnosis, he could see the truth.

He got a tutor who understood that he needed to learn the basics before he could learn what he needed for his job. Now it was relatively easy for him to learn what he needed to. He came back for a second session at my suggestion, because his whole image of himself as being a right brained person had been challenged. He needed to see that he was really a full-brained person, and be comfortable with knowing that and living that way.

He got the promotion!

Carol Henderson, Certified Hypnotherapist and EFT Practitioner
New Day Hypnotherapy, LLC, Kansas City Area