Walking barefoot on the ground helps strengthen the body and helps with

Walking barefoot on the ground such as grass, sand, the dirt, helps strengthen the body and helps fight many common health disorders.  Benefits include helping with chronic pain, poor sleep, auto immune disorders, hypertension and more.  It also helps protect the body against EMF.

Freshen the air without using sprays or candles with harmful chemicals

Freshen the air without using sprays or candles with harmful chemicals by soaking a cotton ball or using an aromatherapy diffuser to disperse the scent. It is best to use therapeutic grade essential oils because they contain medicinal properties.

Aromatherapy offers many therapeutic effects including calming the central nervous system, combating insomnia, metabolic benefits, enhancing memory, and more.

New Study Says Brain Damage Caused by Stroke May Heal with Stem Cells

New Study Says Brain Damage Caused by Stroke May Heal with Stem Cells

By Dr. Henry Sobo

Researchers from the University of Georgia’s Regenerative Bioscience Center, published a study in the scientific journal Translational Stroke Research, which shows that the brain damage caused by a stroke may be healed by stem cells. This study used a substance they called AB126 generated from nervous system stem cells. The healing factors are contained in “exosomes” which are tiny vesicles inside stem cells which secrete proteins which help the healing process. This research is an animal study which is preliminary to the next step, human studies. Researcher Steven Stice says, “This is truly exciting evidence, because exosomes provide a stealth-like characteristic, invisible even to the body’s own defenses. When packaged with therapeutics, these treatments can actually change cell progression and improve functional recovery.”

After giving the AB126, MRI scans of the brain were performed and they revealed a very large decrease in the amount of brain tissue which was damaged. A start up company called ArunaA Biomedical is preparing to launch of human study in 2019. Dr Strice explains, “Until now, we had very little evidence specific to neural exosome treatment and the ability to improve motor function. Just days after stroke, we saw better mobility, improved balance and measurable behavioral benefits in treated animal models.”

For more information see Dr. Sobo’s listing on Alternatives for Healing https://www.alternativesforhealing.com/business-directory/optimal-health-medical/ 

Catnip is not just for cats. 

Catnip is not just for cats.  Catnip herb is useful for humans as a digestive aid, relieving menstrual cramps, and as a mild sedative.  It has antispasmodic properties which calm the muscles. When used for human consumption, Catnip is most often is prepared as a tea or tincture.

Deep breathing exercises offer benefits to both calm anxiety and…

Deep breathing from the diaphragm (not the chest) is a powerful way to calm anxiety.  It also feeds the cells and helps the body to be healthy. Most people access less than 30% of their full breathing capacity, leaving their cells starved for oxygen. This can cause or worsen illness. Learning how to enhance your breathing can help with various health challenges and medical conditions.

Alternate Nostril Breathing is a technique that both calms the mind and also activates both sides of the brain to stimulate brain function. Gently press your thumb to close the right nostril, inhale with the left; then change sides closing the left and exhale through the right.  Keep in the same position and inhale with the right, then change sides closing the right and exhale through the left. Repeat.

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Baking soda or white vinegar can be used to naturally remove pesticides

Baking soda or white vinegar can be used to naturally remove pesticides.

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We just added Holographic Kinetics to our Practitioner therapies search

We just added Holographic Kinetics to our Practitioner therapies search area.  Search by city, county, statewide or nationwide.

HOLOGRAPHIC KINETICS (HK) is a unique modality. It is the culmination of over 50 years of research and practice by its founder, Steve Richards, an Aboriginal descendant.  It is based on the ancient Aboriginal knowledge and the understanding that all things in nature are alive. Aboriginal culture goes back over 60,000 years of universal knowledge passed down through time. Known as LORE, it acknowledges all things in nature are alive, and all life forms consist of Spirit. Aboriginal culture has always acknowledged the importance of Spirit in their life. However, understanding the Spirit is the key. Just as the soul (which is different from Spirit) can be stuck in programs and beliefs of life experiences, Spirit can be stuck in a cycle of trauma from its past lives, just as the soul can be stuck in genetic issues.

HK looks at man as a multi-dimensional being in a multi-dimensional world. HK can access cellular memory passed down from generations (including trauma), and the cause and effect of events. Thoughts and emotions set up in the past and present affect the cycles of the future. These events, thoughts and emotions are trapped in the body today, affecting our lives and causing us to continue repeating the cycles of life patterns within their own dimension of time, which man can become stuck in.

Holographic kinetics also is aware of accessing and clearing other inter-dimensional forces that can enter through drugs, alcohol, rituals and many other ways, creating voices in the head and many other effects.

When Steve Richards initially created Holographic Kinetics, he did so with mental illness in mind as its primary application. It has proven itself to be extremely effective for permanently clearing the grand majority of mental illnesses/imbalances. However, over the course of over 50 years of research, it has proven itself to be effective and applicable to a wide range of other areas. It really depends on what the originating cause is. The modality is continually evolving to encompass new areas. The key is not to make any assumptions.  Once an HK practitioner works with you, your Spirit will show you, how, where, when and why an issue effecting you was created.

Holographic Kinetics now has over 1200 students from over 42 countries trained in this field.

Any adult, youth, or child, effected by the following issues can greatly benefit from Holographic Kinetics sessions:

  • Attempted suicide or self-harm
  • Emotional or compulsive disorders
  • Anger, guilt, or violence issues
  • Voices in the head
  • Turrets Syndrome
  • Depression, anxiety, fear, or shame
  • Limiting beliefs
  • Domestic violence
  • Weight issues
  • Psychic attack
  • Pain, anguish or trauma
  • PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) for military, veterans, police, or any law enforcement
  • Drug or alcohol dependency issues
  • Physical, emotional, or sexual abuse
  • Repeat offenders or stuck in time
  • Paranormal activity or Interdimensional Interference
  • Hereditary Issues
  • Addictions – Food, Sex, Drugs, Smoking, Gambling
  • Issues with animals and pets
  • Sleep Issues, nightmares, night terrors, sleep paralysis, insomnia

Addiction Treatments can involve holistic therapies

Addiction Treatments can involve holistic therapies that help release and heal on mental, physical and emotional levels. An addiction is a persistent, compulsive dependence on a substance such as drugs, alcohol or smoking, or a behavior such as gambling, or eating, A person’s entire biology and psychology play into the addiction and dependence.  Each person is unique and complex.

The Practitioners in Alternatives for Healing directory offer a variety of holistic therapies specially tailored to help a person in the best and most successful way for them- naturally.

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Natural insect repellents can be made with any of these

Natural insect repellents can be made with any of these: catmint oil, catnip oil, lavender oil, lemon balm, lemongrass, citronella oil, cinnamon oil, vanilla oil, or eucalyptus oils. To make concentrate for dabbing on skin or clothing, combine 20 drops of essential oil with 2 T of olive or grape seed oil. To make your own sprays- combine your concentrate mixture with purified water and shake well.

Natural ways to repel wasps include using either peppermint oil

Natural ways to repel wasps include using either peppermint oil or eucalyptus oil.  Mix in a spray bottle with water and spray areas as needed to repel them.  The wasps hate the smell.